10 smart apartments with space-saving layouts

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10 smart apartments with space-saving layouts

Sandy Mauthner Sandy Mauthner
Moderne Esszimmer von Mario Ferrara Modern
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Are you looking for an apartment that although small has a clever space saving layout which allows you to experiment and make your home feel larger than it is. Living in a small space doesn't have to feel like you are cramped in or that you have to hide your possessions because there is simply no space for them. This Ideabook looks at few smart examples of different apartments where a kitchen, bedroom or a dining room use enough magic to create from inadequate space excellent storage solutions. 

1. Living room turned bedroom?

So you have a tiny apartment without a  bedroom? Nevertheless you can still by night time create a wonderful little bedroom for yourself just by using your living room in a smart way.  Here we have transformed a sofa into a bed in the evening and above it instead of using heavy long shelves a tiny space is used to put some pictures on a narrow version of a shelf. The colors used are soft grays and whites, both complimenting a bedroom and a living room.

2. Tiny but modern Bathroom

This bathroom may be small but you don't think of that at all when you first see it. You think instead how chic it looks with the dark background shelves and the black and white tiles. The sink is sleek and narrow so that it provides enough space. You have the necessities such as toilet and washing machine placed in a neat and convenient fashion.  

3. Hidden kitchen

This is another apartment with a very excellent storage space idea. The kitchen is visible only when the wardrobe-style doors are opened. Otherwise it is hidden behind white doors which look like a cupboard. This immediately makes the small lounge or living room appear spacious.

4. Room divider

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer "Pärchen-Sekretär": modern  von !idee : studio michael hilgers,Modern
!idee : studio michael hilgers

setup: Der Wohnbaukasten als beidseitig nutzbarer Pärchen-Sekretär

!idee : studio michael hilgers

This white chic writing desk is a perfect room divider. The room itself is presumably relatively large and as such this writing desk serves not only its purpose as a desk but also as kind of a wall between rooms. It creates from one room two rooms. 

5. Bedroom

This bedroom is small but elegantly decorated. We have here harmonious choice of colors which give illusion of space. The bed itself looks comfy and with its under-bed storage it is another great idea.Suddenly you have a bookshelf under the bed so you don't need another actual bookshelf near the wall. It is modern and stylish.

6. Laundry

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen! Skandinavische Badezimmer von Elfa Deutschland GmbH Skandinavisch
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen!

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

This washroom or laundry is a dream of anyone who likes neatness and order in their home. Everything is sorted and looks well placed. You have everything within reach and it only occupies one side of the wall. This is excellent space-saving as you don't actually require a whole room for this kind of organisation.

7. A wardrobe within stairs

Innovative storage solutions. Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von Chase Furniture Modern
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

Interior Architects were spot on with this brilliant idea. You have pull-up wardrobe situated just beneath your staircase. You don't see it during the day, it is completely hidden and provides perfect space-saving solution and excellent storage. Here you can put your winter clothes when it is summer, maybe your shoes or your coats and jackets which normally hang in the foyer and at times look messy. 

8. Dining room

The dining room belonging to this apartment is very narrow but one still manages to make it look charming. A narrow table and a white unassuming chandelier, few dark wooden chairs and matching window frames create cozy atmosphere.

9. Space within hallway

In this narrow hallway we have a simple wooden desk, also narrow but suitable office space with shelves and excellent lighting. The color in general here is very welcoming, mixing whites and light wood to create warmness and simplicity. It is a space-saving solution as one uses a hallway leading to the kitchen to create in-between a little office or study space.

10. Pull-up drawers

These pull-up drawers are a real space saver. A small bedroom like this needs space and this is a clever way of creating some. In these drawers you can put whatever you like, perhaps bed linen, or books or simply things which you don't need on every day basis. Small desk beside the bed and this warm color of wood creates a nice cozy bedroom.

For some additional space saving ideas take a peek at this Ideabook.

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