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This garish apartment gets a chic modern makeover

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von A54Insitu
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Every design is a work in progress – a fact that many homeowners forget. While a certain scheme or theme may have seemed like a good idea at one time, lifestyles and preferences evolve with the changing design landscape. This old home threw out the old and danced into modernity with a magnificent makeover, thanks to the help of architects A54INSITU. Take a look through our before & after tour to see more, and to pick up some ideas for your own home!

​Before: overbearing environment

von A54Insitu Skandinavisch

The old corridor and entryway bore a rather stifling look, with the heavy yellow walls too much for such a compact space. The old wooden frames and doors did not make matters any better, and the dim lighting made things seem even drabber.

​After: simple and soothing style in the living room

von A54Insitu

The new living room of this home has a neat white look, with neutral and modern furniture set against the wall to house books and artwork. The wooden floor lends the right dose of warmth, while tasteful lighting perks up the space suitably.

​After: airy dining room

von A54Insitu

Set behind a modern grey couch, the dining room is an airy space that faces billowing white drapes and large windows. The square table comprises a quirky combination of black and white chairs, with a green one perched in between for a fun quotient. The rest of the space has a strong modern and Nordic design, which keeps it light even with the solid furniture.

​Before: too much happening in the kitchen

von A54Insitu

The kitchen seemed to be a clutter of colour and pattern where neither matched the other. The old school bowl-like sinks and appliances left the space unimpressive. The tiled pattern along the walls made the kitchen look hemmed in, while the bottle green cabinets did not particularly match anything else in the space.

​After: neutral and bright kitchen

von A54Insitu

The counters have been divided against both walls for a seamless and well-organised look, while white lighting brings out the pistachio green shade adorning the walls. The wooden and white touches also lift this space and make it feel open and fun.

​Before: nondescript bedroom

von A54Insitu

This ho-hum bedroom, with its old wooden panelling, is a blast from the past that definitely does not work in a modern home.

​After: sleek yet homely boudoir

von A54Insitu

The new bedroom now has a sleek yet homely style with lots of warmth, thanks to its lacy white bedding and the anglepoise lamp that stands to one side.

​Before: drab and dull bathroom

von A54Insitu Skandinavisch

The colour combination in this old bathroom is seriously dull, yet the grey and brown does nothing to shift focus from the bad layout of the space.

​After: chic and modern

von A54Insitu

This new grey bathroom has the right dose of wood and many white fixtures against the grey space to give it a chic yet warm look.

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