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This apartment is the pinnacle of elegance

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Today we have a special treat; an apartment so sumptuously decorated it's fit for royalty. The designers of this home have done a fantastic job taking a modern approach to the decor that still features the best of vintage style, creating a look that is luxurious and opulent, but always tasteful. Every room in this home has a unique colour palette, but each complements the last, using rich hues that look sophisticated and elegant.

As much as this home draws from the past for inspiration, it also features a number of unique ideas that we've never seen before, including an amazing blend of materials and textures that never feel forced or out of place. The home isn't huge, but the impressive decor could fool you into thinking you had entered a palace, with clever furniture arrangements ensuring it feels spacious but cosy. But don't take our word for it, look for yourself!

The living room

We begin our tour in the living room, where all of the different elements that make up this home are balanced in perfect harmony. The ultra comfortable looking couches offer the neutral colour palette a royal purple hue that looks fantastic against the curtains and those gorgeous hardwood floors. 

The room is tastefully decorated with modernist ornaments that make the room feel impressively cultured without being ostentatious. Though not a large room, the furniture arrangement ensures there's plenty of free floor area so it still feels spacious and comfortable.

The balcony

This home even features a balcony, with an amazing view over the city. If you're not making the most of your balcony, we suggest you take notes, because with a couple of comfy chairs, a coffee table, and a few pot plants they have created an outdoor space that is pleasant, inviting, and perfect for your morning coffee or evening cocktail.

The kitchen

The use of so many different materials for the decor could look mismatched and forced in lesser hands, but in this home every new element feels perfectly at home and contributes something unique and interesting to the whole. 

In the kitchen we find dark marble used for the walls and countertops that looks simply magnificent, while little touches like those fabulous lights and the white roses make the space feel warm and personal.

The first bedroom

The decor in this bedroom is all about romance, with an intimate glow cast by the lamps, and beautiful red silk used for the curtains and pillows. The high cushioned headboard on the bed adds a touch of luxury, and the decorations are chic and restrained. The decorators have not only used a different palette for every room, but different materials, with timber panels giving this room a quiet sophistication.

Beautiful symmetry

The thing we love about this home is that every single item has been carefully chosen to ensure that it adds to the decor, without cluttering or being too showy, and the simple symmetry of these two lamps placed either side of a pot of flowers is a perfect example.

The second bedroom

The walls of this bedroom are a tactile experience, as well as adding depth to the colour palette. It's amazing that they have managed to match the opulence of the first bedroom with a completely new approach, conceptually tying the two rooms together despite every doorway leading to an exciting new aesthetic adventure.

The vintage bathroom

The home features two bathrooms, one vintage, the other modern. With a repurposed set of antique drawers, topped with marble and the bathroom sink, and a luxurious shower curtain, this bathroom has all of the comfort of a bedroom. The neutral colour palette is very classy, making this feel like a five star hotel!

The modern bathroom

In complete contrast to the vintage bathroom, this one looks like it's from the future! The sink features a shattered glass pattern and internal lighting that makes it look like it's made from ice, while the dark colour palette, a risky move that's executed perfectly, gives the room a moody and mysterious quality. Despite their completely different aesthetics, the bathrooms share a sense of high quality and ineffable style that ensures neither feels out of place in this amazing home.

What a splendid apartment, so packed with ideas that combine for a beautiful and elegant home! For something completely different take a look at this minimalist home that goes in an entirely new direction, with equally remarkable results.

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