9 gorgeous plants to incorporate into your home

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Having plants in your home is good for plethora of reasons. They are not only beautiful to look at but are also great for purifying the air. Plants are even more important if you live in an apartment in the city, where vegetation is much harder to come by. Whether you have access to a garden or not, having plants in your home will do wonders for your health and your decor! Green plants or colorful flowers give any space life and instantly add a vibrancy to your home, in turn making you much happier. Plants are also a very cheap way to decorate your home and don't require a lot of time or effort to maintain and keep beautiful. Below are nine of our favorite plants to incorporate into your home decor that will transform your house into a home.

1. This is the season, fern, fern, fern.

Ferns are the perfect plant to keep in any home. There are almost an endless amount to choose from ranging in various shapes, sizes, and textures so that you can include into whatever design you have chosen. These types of plants are great for hanging from the ceilings or planting in a regular pot. They are generally on the flowy side, so are great to display on their own. They are also one of the best plants you can put in your home to purify your air, leaving you feeling healthier and happier with very little effort.

2. Tiny, little succulents.

Succulents are a cute and trendy way to add greenery to your small home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes are can be placed in super cute planters, such as we see here with the skulls. These small plants are also super low maintenance as they don't need a lot of watering, so it's great for those who can be forgetful at times. They are very cheap and can easily be found at home improvement centers as well as a number of markets, since they've become so popular in recent years. Start your own little succulent garden in your home for just a few bucks!

3. Create your own herb garden.

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What better way to bring life into your home and save money than by growing your own herbs and spices! This is a great way to make your plants do double duty for you in your home. Herbs such as basil, rosemary, parsley or chives are super flavorful and are also super easy to grow in the comfort of your own home. Build a vertical garden or have a few pots on the windowsill in the kitchen, you'll be surprised how much time and money you save in the kitchen by having these handy plants nearby at all times. You can even go as far as having a small pepper plant or a few other vegetables as well!

4. Match the plants with your design scheme.

Who says that houseplants always have to stay green? There are a number of plants out there with colors all along the color spectrum. No matter what colors you've used in the design of your home, you'll be able to find a plant that will match and make your space feel even brighter. These Amaranths add a lovely pink hue to this balcony and can be grown either indoors or outdoors. Everything from orange clivia plants, to hibiscus flowers, to African violets, there are so many different colors to choose from to add a pop of color to your home through plants.

5. Get a desert feel with a cactus.

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If you want to have the most low maintenance plant on the market, opt for a cactus. They very rarely need water but love to soak up the sun, so keep them by the window and give your space a desert vibe. Cacti come in a number of different shapes and sizes and not all of them are prickly, if you're worried about little ones grabbing at them. Line a few tiny ones up by the window if you're limited on space, or get a big one for the corner of your room. You can even get them in different colors so get creative!

6. Leafy plants over ferns.


If you're not really the green and fern type, there are still plenty of plants out there that are leafy but less flowy. Flowering plants can be an option but if you want something that is more long lasting, go for the plants with color leaves. Peacock plants feature a couple different shades of green, nerve plants are a mix of green and pink, and purple passions are green and purple, just to name a few. These plants don't have flowers to bloom so they stay colorful all year long and look great in any home!

7. Let it bloom.

If you are someone who loves color, then getting flowering houseplants is a must for your home! These blooming beauties will constantly flower and keep your home feeling fresh and vibrant. You can have a mix of greens and flowering plants, or even throw in a few fresh cut flowers in the decor as well. Flowering plants bring light to a cold and rainy day as well as during the winter months when there is little vegetation happening outside. These plants require a bit more work to keep them fresh and blooming but the work is always worth it when you see the beauty they produce.

8. Exotic orchids for and elegant touch.

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If you absolutely love houseplants and don't mind the work, having an orchid in your home adds a very classy touch to your space. Orchids are very delicate and will add a classic look to any room but work especially well with those who adhere to a more classic and elegant design style. Orchids need plenty of water and should be kept in a place with a good amount of humidity for the best results and most blooms. They also require shallow planting so that the water can easily get to the roots and drain quickly. Bright rooms are perfect for orchids, but do not place them in direct sunlight or they may burn!

9. Plants as art.

Clorofilia 2015, Clorofilia Clorofilia Moderne Wohnzimmer

We've already talked about how plants are great to bring a bit of vibrant color to the room but they are also great for using as art pieces by themselves. If you're quite artsy and creative, a great idea would be to incorporate a variety of different plants such as ferns, trees, flowers, and succulents to create a little jungle that stands on its own or even highlights some art pieces, as we see here. The greens from the plants really stand out against the white walls and yellow accent pieces in the room. The plants don't just help the art stand out, they pop out themselves and become a part of the decor.

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