14 charming ideas to light up your home entrance

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14 charming ideas to light up your home entrance

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Your entrance gives your visitors an idea as to what they may expect when they enter your home, which is why it is vital that this space is always, neat, inviting and charming. The 14 awesome ideas we look at in this feature will instantly upgrade your entrance in style and illumination, making it warm and welcoming too. The team of professionals at homify ensured that there are tips and hints to suit all homes and designs, whether it's modern and sophisticated or rustic and country.

​1. Simple

Opt for simple and elegant lighting for that attractive effect.

2. Classic

The luxurious entrance needs some sophisticated lighting, Arabian inspired lamps are an ideal choice.

3. Pathway

Moderner Garten von INDICO Modern

Decorate the pathway with lighting on either side for that welcoming design and guide the visitor into your home too.

4. Peaceful

Choose practical illumination and pretty vegetation for a peaceful and harmonious environment.

5. Secure

Just because your home is safe and secure, doesn’t mean that you cannot focus the light on what makes it stunning.

6. Spotlights

It is just as important to style your house with perfect lighting layout in mind.

7. Hidden

: modern  von homify,Modern Marmor

Hiding your lights adds a sense of wonder and enchantment to the home, while boosting brilliance.

8. Floor lights

What better way to never take a bad step again with floor lights embedded into the wood?

9. Along the stairs

If your entrance is located on the top of a stairway, then ensure that the stairs are adequately lit on either side.

10. Like artwork

It may also be a fantastic decision to decorate your garden with lighting, almost like a work of art.

11. Fountain

Add a fountain with gorgeous illumination for that luxurious and opulent exterior décor.

12. Dim lighting

There’s nothing quite like dim lighting to keep your home cosy and comfortable.

13. Geometric patterns

It may take some planning, but designing your lights with a geometric patterned in mind will leave your guests amazed.

14. A bit of drama

Natural ores and old-fashioned charm along with dramatic lighting, how is that for a rustic home? 15 clever storage ideas you'll want to try right now

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