21 ways to renovate your home with very little effort

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21 ways to renovate your home with very little effort

April Kennedy April Kennedy
 Häuser von StudioG, Modern
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If you have ever been amazed at how much difference a quick ten-minute repair can make on your home, you'll know that there are a million little things you can do to upgrade your living space without spending much money.

These are the humble things that pop up as we go about our lives and get easily forgotten as we focus on the big home furnishings or makeovers that really demand attention. But, of course, these little things are just as important because they make your home feel well cared-for and can make the difference between a house and a home. So let's check out 21 little things you can do to renovate your home really easily!

1. LED lights under the cabinets and shelves

 Küche von DDWH Architects, Modern

The LED lights in this kitchen make it look very slick and they are very easy to install. Best of all they are incredibly environmentally friendly and will last forever.

2. Clean and disinfect the bathroom tiles

:  Badezimmer von homify,Ausgefallen

Mould and grime can very easily build up over time to make your bathroom look grotty. This means it's time for a good deep clean with some vinegar and baking powder. Your bathroom will look sparkling new in no time. If there are old cracks or stains, you might even consider regrouting them completely.

3. Get some door stops

Natural Rope Knot Door Stop:   von homify,Rustikal

Natural Rope Knot Door Stop


Banging doors can get annoying over time. So get a good doorstop to make life easier. They are practical and extremely cheap to buy too.

4. Change the doormat

modern  von Boscolo, Modern

Upper Park, Loughton


The very first thing most visitors see is your doormat. So switch it out or clean it properly to create a fresh new look.

5. Fix those squeaky hinges

modern  von Modern Doors Ltd, Modern Holzwerkstoff Transparent
Modern Doors Ltd

Ravenna Oak Internal Door Prefinished

Modern Doors Ltd

We experience our homes in more than just visual terms. So sort out any annoying squeaks and creaks in the home. All you need to do is oil the hinges of the windows and doors.

6. Protect the floor with protection pads on the furniture

Dampeners and stick on pads can make a huge difference to the sharp sound of chairs scraping along the surface of the floor. They are also important because they will help avoid damage to the floor as well.

7. Protect the sofa

Sofas generally endure a lot of use so they can quickly started to look worn and old. This is particularly so if they are in the sun. Get a protective throw to protect the surface or invest in a good protective spray.

8. Add a stencil to the wall

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black:  Wände von homify,Skandinavisch

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black


Not everyone is a fan of stencilling. But there is no doubt that stencils are one of the easiest and most fun ways to add a little decorative appeal to the home. They can also be painted over very easily.

9. Install some little hooks in the perfect place

:   von homify,Minimalistisch

When first moving into a home, it can be hard to anticipate just where exactly you'll need hooks. So if you have any regular little areas that tend to get cluttered, sort that out with a few choice hooks.

10. Polish the reflective surfaces

Grease and grime can quietly build up on the reflective surfaces of the home. So it's often enlightening to realised how fabulously fresh your home and your bathroom in particular can feel when you clean the walls. Just use some white vinegar and warm water for a totally natural approach.

11. Get some fresh flowers

  von rigby & mac, Ausgefallen
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

Fresh flowers instantly infuse the home with new life. You don't need a huge arrangement to create a lovely effect. Just a few small floral arrangements in some glass bowls should do the trick.

12. Create a whole stencil landscape

  von Vinyl Impression, Ausgefallen
Vinyl Impression

Hand drawn flower (pack 1) wall stickers

Vinyl Impression

Here is another stencil design that should inspire who want to think a bit bigger. The good thing about this kind of design is that it makes the entire room feel a bit jungly and wild. It's often lovely to start the design from ground level so the stems seem to grow up the walls.

13. Refresh the light fittings

  von Imperfect Interiors, Skandinavisch
Imperfect Interiors

Open Plan 1st floor Living room

Imperfect Interiors

A big white sphere-like light shade like this is incredibly cheap and chic. Most light shades don't take long to install and they will give the home an instant lift.

14. Create order in the closet

It's no secret that a big closet clean-up will have a big effect on the feel of your home. But take things one step further and look at how you might revise your storage space with boxes or customised storage spaces to that tidy-up last.

15. Get an attractive laundry basket

Tricks laundry basket:   von homify,Skandinavisch Holz-Kunststoff-Verbund

Tricks laundry basket


Cheap plastic laundry baskets are often ugly. But for just a little extra money you can turn this mundane household item into key part of your decor. Something with a lid that closes is particularly good.

16. Clean and simplify

modern  von An Artful Life, Modern
An Artful Life

Bare bulb fabric flex light

An Artful Life

Less is more when it comes to most people's homes. So consider how you might strip things down to a minimum and execute it with style. Have a look at the work of some good interior designers and decorators on this site and note how few elements are actually on display in each interior. This little antique style light is a good example of how a simple little thing can look quite chic.

17. Give the carpets a deep clean

 Häuser von StudioG, Modern

It is fairly obvious when our homes need a regular clean. But a good deep clean often gets put off far too long. So research the options for deep cleaning your rugs and carpets. It will make a huge difference to the home, particularly if you have pets!

18. Put your best kitchen utensils on display with a rail

Kitchen utensils have become quite fancy in recent years. So make the most of them by putting them on display. A hanging rail or magnetic board will help.

19. Get some air fresheners

Mini air fresheners, oil sticks or scented candles will make your home smell sweet and well cared-for. Diffusers are often a good idea because they will continue to scent the air without barely any work on your behalf.

20. Paint the shelves with a bold bright lacquer

modern  von Diagonal Furniture, Modern
Diagonal Furniture

Tomado Floor Standing Shelves

Diagonal Furniture

Check out some IKEA hacks online and search for ways to personalise your generic furniture with a lick of paint. A thick bold lacquer is often a good approach.

21. Frame your favourite prints

  von HAM, Skandinavisch

Rabbit Prints


Finally, gather your favourite artworks, photos and objects, then put them in some cheap frames. Better yet, create a whole gallery wall.

Perhaps this is the time to rearrange the furniture and look at 6 ways to use that awkward gap behind the sofa.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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