Bathroom renovation: The radical transformation of 5 horrible bathrooms

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Bathroom, a key component of any dwelling, requires a special attention from architect houses & interior design firms alike. After all it is not only a place to clean & relieve yourself but an integral part of your home,  that reflects your personality. That is why, these days dedicated bathroom designers are quite sought after. We all know how amazing it feels to enter a bright, spacious and sparkling bathroom space. 

When the bathroom makes you feel glum with dark & dreary details, gloomy colors, worn out elements & leaky sanitary ware, or you simply cease to like it, consider it a big shout out to you to give your bathroom a facelift. We at homify understand that it is not always an easy job to lend that continuity of your home environment to your bathroom, that is intimate & relaxing and also bears a part of your personality in its accents. A great deal of thought goes into deciding upon the things to be changed, to be preserved, and to be done away with permanently.

Come with us as we walk you through the previous & present formats of 5 bathrooms that underwent a radical transformation from being mere toilets to becoming contemporary environments of absolute comfort & character.

1. From unsightly humdrum to appealing clarity of neutral tones.

Reforma de vivienda unifamiliar, CPETC CPETC Moderne Badezimmer

This bathroom came a long way from a rather cold & dreary aspect to a no frills graceful form. With a considerable amount of space unused, disuse of ample natural light & a drab palette, the former had a lot of untapped potential. This was understood by the professionals who gave this bathroom a refurbish job focusing on soft and warm neutral tones. Dark shades were replaced by creme-ish ones that made most of the natural light pouring in from the window. A spectacular egg-shaped bathtub was erected and granite replaced ceramic for washbasin counter. In essence, the uncomplicated grace of simplicity breathed a new life into this bathroom.

2. Before: saddening accents, deprived of space.

Though built as per the classic style, there was nothing conveying class in this cramped space. With a bathtub occupying almost the entire space and practically no space to comfortably use the washbasin or toilet space, this bathroom was desperately in want of sufficient room. Just imagine what the addition of a shower curtain would have done to the remaining space. Moreover, the floor & wall tiles appear depressing and pale.

After: endearingly modern.

The old bathtub gave way to a jazzy shower with a glass screen that is much more hygienic than a shower curtain, as it does not accumulate mold and is far easier to clean. The dull tiles were totally removed, and replaced by contemporary purple tiles. With current sanitary ware and shiny bath fittings, the elegantly modular remodeling with a white base makes the bathroom dazzle.

3. From glory of white to warmth of wood.

Your bathroom need not always be the face of horror, for you to consider an update. At times it is a refreshing change to try something different, in keeping with the modern trends. Employing an entirely new material is a great idea to give a novel dimension to your bathroom. This bathroom was imparted a new look from a predominantly white one to one that champions the mellow winsomeness of wood.  Lighting above the mirror has also been modified to lend a much brighter aspect to the washbasin area. The washbasin counter and adjacent racks have been alluringly changed as well.

4. Before: unimpressive yesteryear details.

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

It is one of those bathrooms which by sheer looks cannot be considered modern & fashionable if we look at them today. Designed in a style which is alarmingly antiquated, this bathroom looks a tad overwhelming in its pink & golden accents. The lighting worsened it further, making it appear dingy.

After: welcome minimalism.

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

With bright & neutral tonality, the new minimalist aspect of this bathroom is a visual treat as well.  Doing away with the overpowering pink & golden details and with curtains that only served to accumulate fungi & moisture, simple minimalist format has been incorporated. Glass partition for shower, wooden flooring, no frills blinds covering windows, and simple functional countertops & sanitary fittings adorn this lovely minimalist bathroom now.

5. Before: not quite agreeable.

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

First of all, the pink tiles with golden sanitary fittings did not do much to salvage the appearance. The toilet & washbasin shapes looked weird too. The red carpet did not help either. All in all, it was not a visually pleasant bathroom, like straight out of a nightmare.

After: neat look of modernity.

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

The waterproofed wooden floor looks splendid with the dark gray & white of the walls. Installing rectangular sanitary ware & stainless steel fittings, and doing away with the carpet are welcome changes that make the bathroom look far tidier. Incorporating contemporary elements, like blinds in place of curtains, makes the picture a lot clearer to bring out the subtle grace. The gray walls accentuate the visual harmony.

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