The radical transformation of 5 horrible bathrooms

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Reforma de vivienda unifamiliar, CPETC CPETC Moderne Badezimmer
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All of us appreciate clean, bright and spacious surroundings but fail to maintain this environment in the bathroom. Instead of having a dingy, airless room with little sign of fresh air and sunshine which is an embarrassment before guests, it is advisable to have a decent sized bathroom that neither the house’s inhabitants nor guests shudder after using it. While it may not be possible for everyone to have a large spacious bathroom with latest accessories and large windows it is possible to make changes that will keep the region clean, bright and hospitable.

In this idea book we shall showcase details of 5 bathrooms that went from being mere bath and toilet zones to modern and stylish environments. From these renovated bathrooms you will know that it is only a matter of making the right decision for change.

1. Before: Old fittings and designs

While this bathroom met the demands of when bathtubs were popular, the huge tub actually takes up sizeable part of the available space. Why not look for a space saving solution that gives the pleasure of a private bath area and also leaves open space for maybe setting up a storage area or open shelves. Don’t you think it was time to change?

After – Modern and stylish

The after pictures show a radical change in the bathroom where none of the old sanitary-ware remains but the owners have no complaints as the transformation is charming!! . Along with new toilets and washbasin, the bathtub too has been replaced with a glass shower cabinet which is easier to clean and maintain as it does not accumulate mold like a bathtub. The ceramic tiles have been replaced by contemporary glass tiles for a modern bathroom.

2. Transformed – Vintage to modern

Reforma de vivienda unifamiliar, CPETC CPETC Moderne Badezimmer

The former was somewhat colorful and indeed looked like a bathroom caught in a time wrap with antiquated pillar wash basin. But the bathroom designers saw the potential in its spacious open floor and large windows and realized that few changes in color tones would make it a delightful place and the change is before you to admire. Set of modern toilets that included a spectacular bathtub and introduction of soft hues has transformed the bathroom

3. Put your trust in beauty of wood

Sometimes a bathroom may not necessarily be crying for a change with worn out tiles and discolored sanitary-ware but people tend to get bored with their surroundings over a period of time.

Why not explore new bathroom trends and see what can be adopted for enhancing your personal space. Adoption of wood as counter material while changing the old laminated cabinets to wood is a fast trend that is gaining popularity around the world. The material makes the trendy bathroom appear welcoming and the counter too is clutter free.

4. Old fashioned and dramatic

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

Bathroom accessories and designs that were trendy a few decades years ago are definitely not popular today as the focus now is more on simplicity. The old classic style bathrooms with copper embellished taps and fittings along with ornate mirrors are more suited to horror movies which require these settings for melodrama.

4. After – Elegance of minimalism

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

This renovation is a perfect example to showcase how innovative minimalist ideas can transform old to new if one is sure of requirements. Moisture and fungi attracting curtains give way to modern glass partitions here while floating counter with cabinets and rectangular low basin creates illusion of space. Neutral tones and different accessories have helped to create a non-oppressive minimalist bathroom that is pleasing to the eye and senses.

5. Before – Mismatched toilets and carpet

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

Is that how the old-fashioned bathroom in your grandparents' house look like ? While it is certainly not bad you would be surprised at what a little bit of thoughtful renovation can go to a region like this and you will understand why remodeling the bathroom is not as superfluous as it sounds.

5. After – Clean and clutter-free

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Moderne Badezimmer

The wooden floor in the bathroom looks earthy and with proper waterproofing and care it can last for several decades even with perpetual wet conditions. Replacement of patterned tiles with plain wall and uncluttered windows makes the picture a lot clearer. The lack of non-essential adornments on the wall and floor accentuate the harmony that is sometimes so hard to achieve.

If renovation of the complete bathroom is not an appealing idea to you right now then here are some Inspiring ideas to make your bathroom attractive that is sure to interest you.

Did you take notes for your bathroom?

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