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Eclectic style: rooms with something for everyone

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An eclectic style is not easy to define. This is because it is not a definite style. It consists of mixing and matching styles, old and new, Scandinavian and Asian, minimalist and traditional. It is about throwing out the design rule book and creating a space filled with the things that best represent those who live there. It is not a collection of random items however. It is a carefully selected choice of objects that relate well to each other. This can take a lot of thought and creativity to design the ideal eclectic style. It is often based on a neutral colour scheme with a few deliberately chosen colours splashed around the space to pull together the design.  It is essentially a design created by the individual. There are so many ways to make an eclectic design. homify has found 6 eclectic rooms for inspiration.

The eclectic kitchen

The kitchen is a great space to fully express the eclectic style. It is a natural place in which to combine elements of new and old, colours and neutrals, modern and classic. It is important not to just throw these things together. Eclectic styles can appear to be random items thrown together to create a design, however they often take more time and thought to create than most designs. Connections and themes must be made between each item used in the design. In this wonderful kitchen there are several styles. The modern fridge and kitchen cupboards are contrasted with the vintage tap fittings and curtains and the industrial hook next to the retro bar mats. The main theme running through these items is the neutral colours, with the occasional splash of colours; red and green.

The eclectic living room

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The essence of an eclectic style design is the inclusion of objects of different styles. They are often chosen as they share a theme or colour. This room seems to fit the dictionary entry for eclectic design. There is a definite variety of styles in this room. The huge bookcase is made of grey metal, making it appear quite industrial. The stunning curved table lamp is definitely a modern design. The dining table however, is made from a beautiful warm tones of timber. It would suit a country cottage style, or a retro 1970s kitchen. On their own these elements would not seem to work together well, however in this room they create a wonderful eclectic style. The room is based on neutral colours; white, warm browns and greys, with elements of red and green to bring the design together. For more ideas see Eclectic Living Rooms.

An eclectic bedroom

The eclectic style consists of objects from many different styles. They are usually carefully chosen for their unique qualities. Designers usually choose these items as they fit into a particular theme. This theme could be as simple as things that they like, or items that remind them of their childhood. This bedroom seems to fit this theme. The small desk next to the bed brings to mind a child’s bedroom. The bed has a distinctive industrial style, with the bedhead made out of what appears to be inner springs of a mattress. This is a very creative and unusual use for what some people may think of as rubbish.  The beautiful desk gives a retro appearance, with a modern transparent chair. The shelves on the desk are filled with a variety of items from a modern pink heart to a retro radio. Be brave with the combination of styles, just be sure to include a theme.

The personal touch

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In the interior design rule books there are chapters devoted to the sins of placing clashing objects together. This can reveal the expert designer from the amateur. Although there are times when to clash or contrast items can add to the design. In this room, there are a variety of styles. The modern style of the house, the traditional chair and the retro suitcases underneath the television cabinet. However it is the collection of pictures on the wall that creates the real point of interest in this room. The styles, size and frames of the pictures do not match. The placement of the pictues on the wall seems to be random. It does however balance the wall, and create the impression that the wall is the piece of art in itself, and each picture is just a part of the whole piece. It is a wonderful and unique way to express a personal eclectic style.

The modern eclectic style

To create a eclectic design, it is not just the objects within the space that dictate the style. The style of the house can also influence the overall style of the design. It would be difficult to have a completely industrial style in a small country cottage. This room is a great example of how the house design can influence the design. The elements of the design include the modern kitchen counter, the industrial lights, the rustic kitchen table and the retro kitchen cabinet. These all work together to create a eclectic style. The modern house style, with it’s sharp corners and stark white walls add a new dimension to the design. The cosiness of the rustic is combined with the simplicity of the modern. Try contrasting the house design with the furnishings to create a totally unique style. For more inspiration see Eclectic Interiors.

Living eclectic

The success of eclectic designs is in the ability to make it work so well that the individual elements are seamless. It is when the individual objects work so well together that you no longer see the different elements, but rather a single design. This room represents this well. This room appears to be a bright, yet cosy room in which to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. All the elements work well to create this atmosphere. A closer inspection reveals some surprising differences. There are modern lamps, an art and craft mirror, retro seats and a classic timber table. The colours are warm, yet neutral tones with a splash of red and green. This all works well to create a cosy atmosphere.

The magic of the eclectic style is in it’s freedom. It is the endless possibilities. It is the lack of boundaries. It is the idea that it is possible to create something completely unique and individual. Eclectic style allows the individual to pick and choose only the elements that they like. It does require a sense of style to match items in a space well, but if this can be achieved there is no limits to what can be achieved. These are just some ideas for amazing eclectic designs. For more ideas see An eclectic familyhome, New York, for more inspiration. 

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