How to create a warm and cozy home for the winter?

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How to create a warm and cozy home for the winter?

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Well, the cooler weather is most definitely here, so we thought it would be good to show you all the ways that you can make your home warmer, cozy and enjoyable! Interior designers have been upping the cozy factor for their clients for years, but we think we've honed in on all their top tips and tricks and are going to share them with you today! Some are going to come as no surprise, but we think that at least a couple of our ideas are going to make you raise an eyebrow and want t try them out, so if you're looking for ways to embrace a more snugly aesthetic, come with us now!

1. Get your heating on point.

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Whether you have central heating or a wood burner, or even an open fire, you need to make sure that your heating is working efficiently. It might be worth having a professional come out, just to give everything a service, so you can heat your home without wasting any money. We think wood burners are ideal for winter, as they churn out a lot of heat, but also look wonderful!

2. Enjoy long, hot baths.

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Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Bathroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

How often do you treat yourself to a proper soak in the tub? A lot of us have them in our bathrooms, yet seem to prefer the shower, for the convenience it offers, but in winter, we think you need to hop in the bath and make more of it! Pop your towels on a radiator or heated towel rail first, add some bubbles and really let your body come up to temperature, before getting out and popping on some warm pajamas!

3. Add some rugs.

Fluffy rugs always feel divine underfoot and in the cooler months, can really help to lock in the heat and prevent your toes from getting nipped at by Jack Frost, when you need to grab something from another room. We all love wooden and tiled floors, but without underfloor heating, they are super chilly, so combat the issue with a cheaper solution and go all out with your choice!

4. Make your windows work for you!

The Stables, Gourdon, Aberdeenshire von Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Klassisch
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

The Stables, Gourdon, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

If you have triple glazing, then you're probably sorted, as long as all your doors and windows are shut and locked up tight! if you're not that lucky, then you need to think of some extra ways to beat the droughts! We suggest long, heavy drapes in front of any windows, as they will block out the cold air with ease, not break the bank and look great. When summer comes around, you can simply store them away for next winter too!

5. Choose the right materials.

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Snugly materials, such as wool, felt and heavy cottons are perfect for banishing the winter blues and creating a cozy, gorgeous atmosphere, so try to include as many as you can! Swap put silky cushions for knitted versions and pop some brushed cotton bed linen on your bed and you'll soon see what we are talking about! You'll be snug as a bug, in a rug!

6. Grab some accessories.

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When you want to feel toasty and cozy in winter, accessories can really help to get you in the right frame of mind. Our favorite addition is a foot rest, covered in a snugly material, like we were just talking about! They instantly make you hunker down into the sofa more and get your feet up, to feel really chilled out! Extra cushions are another great idea though!

7. Use the right colors.

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You'll be shocked at how much of your cozy vibe comes down to the colors that you have decorated with! Bright or pastel shades always make for a spring and summery look, but the warm, darker neutrals, such as coffee tones and even opulent jewel colors, always create a more snug feel. We're not suggesting that you paint everywhere once a season, but keep the cozy colors in mind when you buy new accessories!

For more cozy inspiration, take a look at this article: The cozy container home that will surprise you.

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