Interior decor: 14 sliding doors

Двери в японском стиле - раздвижная конструкция, Lesomodul Lesomodul Tür
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Demarcating spaces has traditionally been by erection of walls, though recent times have witnessed many wall-less alternatives in the form of synthetic partitions, screens & glass partitions. At times, half partitions are used to outline living spaces. Moreover, in open plan spaces, the style generally opted for is delineation through furniture- for example, in an integrated living room, sofa sets with recliners & coffee tables form the lounge while the dining area & kitchen are separate with their respective furniture & furnishings though in the same room.

Among all the elements used to outline different functional spaces, sliding doors are a very convenient & stylish option. Sliding doors are a solution offering a number of possibilities and can easily be applied with different finishes for the same material - transparent, frosted, ground glass, stained glass, etc. Wood, steel & plastic sliding doors are also quite viable options. Sliding doors can also be painted or coated with paper. A variety of choices are available for you to decide as per your preferences. Also, there are many techniques to customize your sliding doors depending upon the best suited dimensions, location for placing them & lastly, the aesthetic aspect.

Hop on the homify wagon and follow us now with these 14 sliding doors that optimize spaces to the maximum!

1. Clear grace for room with a view.

These transparent sliding doors, spanning the entire wall from floor to ceiling, offer stunning vistas into the spectacular landscape while you relax in the bedroom. You could also bask in the bright sunshine, while enjoying your choicest reads in the balcony, as you soak in the lovely greens.

2. Japanese style for harmony.

Двери в японском стиле - раздвижная конструкция, Lesomodul Lesomodul Tür Türen

These Japanese style sliding doors bear somewhat translucent glass with a dark & wide frame so that the door design corresponds to the other elements.

3. Privy to the golden touch.

Glastüren 4plus5 Glastür

To impart more privacy, these translucent glass doors have been customized & decorated using gold prints. The intricate golden motifs make them look quite luxuriously designed.

4. Soothing hints of correspondence.

Insektenschutzgitter als Schiebeanlagen von erfal homify Moderne Fenster & Türen Fensterdekoration

Interior & exterior of the house can communicate with each other through sliding doors like this one leading you to the garden from the living room. Clear glass panels allow for great views of the greens outside and the white frames look continuous with the walls, suggesting a tranquil stance for relaxation.

5. Absolute lucidity teamed with white.

Sliding transparent doors, like the ones shown here, let in ample sunlight and allow for great views of the outside. If you wish to catch your 40 winks but still want some light to filter in, light blinds in white are a great solution.

6. Convenience for both sides.

Раздвижные двери в Москве, Lesomodul Lesomodul Tür Türen

Held in a black frame & possessing iron grid, these 2 sliding glass doors on both sides of the wall are very convenient as they allow you to access the spaces from either side.

7. Magical blend of warmth & allure.

Раздвижные двери с витражами, Lesomodul Lesomodul Tür Türen

Well matched with the golden accents of the sofa & TV cabinet, these charming sliding doors in wood & stained glass are a class apart. Connecting the quaint kitchen-dining room and the lounge, these doors suggest the style of another era with a really inviting finesse.

8. Functionality meets elegance.

Interiorismo Departamentos Las Ventanas, BAO BAO Tür Türen

These almost opaque sliding doors with an eye catching square design add to the visual appeal of the room exuding a cozy welcoming vibe.

9. Frosted face of dapper grace.

porte in vetro di design, bellinvetro bellinvetro Tür Türen

The frosted glass sliding doors bearing a central design are suspended from the stainless steel support bars, and demarcate the kitchen & dining areas.

10. A rendezvous with practicality- nearly imperceptible demarcation.

homify Tür Türen

These expansive clear glass sliding doors almost virtually separate the spaces, with a full view of the different elements adorning each living space.

11. A refreshing integration for natural repose.

Connecting this eclectic bedroom with the small indoor garden, these pairs of sliding doors with slightly tinted glass paint a modish picture. Enclosing the visually delightful small indoor space, these doors complement the captivating wall decor to add to the subtle pizzazz of this commodious well lit bedroom.

12. For a refreshing air in the eclectic ambiance.

The sliding doors here serve to allow for natural lighting & ventilation. Facilitating to maintain the sparkling kitchen airy & fresh, these doors connect the kitchen to a small open space that dispels unpleasant odors, keeping them from spreading to the other living spaces.

13. Guarding the private sanctum.

Supported by modern stainless steel rod & clasps, this translucent sliding glass sheet is a great alternative to be used as a separator; the one in this image aesthetically outlines the bedroom & living room spaces.

14. In black & white.

Enabling communication between this splendid white kitchen & the adjoining dining space replete with the sassy dining set- black glossy top table & white chairs, these sliding doors in black & clear glass impress with a sober design.

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