10 fabulous colours to paint the walls of your small rooms

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10 fabulous colours to paint the walls of your small rooms

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There's a lot of conflicting advice regarding the colours you should use in a small room, but we think that a good rule of thumb is that you can go with whatever hue you like, as long as you have some exceptional lighting in place! Natural light is best, but even proficient artificial lighting will allow you to decorate with more daring shades and to prove that to you, we've found 10 fantastic projects, completed by professional interior designers! We think you'll be genuinely surprised by some of these colours, as they are usually avoided at all costs in a small space, but we know you'll agree that they look great and could work in your home too!

1. Navy blue.

Dark, classic and elegant, navy blue is a fantastic choice for the walls in a small room, especially if all the wood trim is painted in a bright white! The contrast looks astounding and breaks up the dark colour so well.

2. Turquoise or teal.

Woah! It's all of the colours of the sea on your walls! These vivid jewel tones really add a sense of fun and contemporary design and we can imagine a small dining room really coming to life in a bright teal!

3. Bright red.

All you passionate firecrackers out there will love this idea! Bright red, though super eye-catching and daring, really does look incredible in a small room and creates an effortlessly cosy vibe! 

4. Neutral beige.

A classically neutral colour, beige is a wonderful alternative to white for a small room and with wooden accents, we think it's pretty hard to beat in terms of organic style and charm.

5. White (with extra touches!)

White walls in a small room aren't an innovation, but adding some custom decals will definitely make the scheme more exciting and unique. They even peel away from the wall, leaving no damage, so they are a great interchangeable option!

6. Slate grey.

One of the new neutrals and THE colour for 2017, slate grey is wonderful for small rooms as it isn't too overbearing and can be easily warmed up with clever accessories and eye-catching textiles.

7. Lime green.

We don't know about you, but we can really imagine a small lime green kitchen looking INCREDIBLE! Punchy, fresh and vibrant, this is a shade that will grab every trickle of light and put it to good use!

8. All white.

If the decals weren't tempting you, how about going a little more traditional and choosing all white walls for your small room? You can add some extra touches, such as framed art, if you want to liven the scheme up!

9. Rich Burgundy.

Just like the wine it is named after, Burgundy is a robust, steadfast and classic colour that we think more people should consider for their small rooms walls! It'll age, just like a fine wine too!

10. Duck-egg blue.

Powdery pastel tones are fast becoming the new neutrals for interior design and we can see why! Duck-egg blue, in particular, really livens up a room and won't overpower other elements, as it's still very pale!

For more wall colour inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Using colour in your home.

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