12 amazing storage solutions for small bedrooms

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12 amazing storage solutions for small bedrooms

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Small bedrooms are an increasing commodity, and while there's lots of fantastic and innovative ways to arrange them so that they don't feel so tiny, there's one challenge that everyone faces; storage! You can never have enough storage anywhere in your home, but for the sake of privacy and comfort, the bedroom has the most pressing need. This can be tough when you're already struggling to fit a bed into the room, but don't worry, because the experts at homify have some fantastic solutions for you!

Today we're looking at some inspired ideas for unexpected storage solutions that will ensure that you have a place for everything. This way you can avoid your room becoming cluttered and messy, and keep your life well organised. So if you're tired of stuffing things under the bed, or piling clothes into a packed dresser, then join us as we show you how with a little creativity even the smallest bedroom can comfortably fit your entire life! 

1. Recessed cabinets

By building recessed cabinets next to the bed, painted in a fun violet to match the desk set, they have managed to fit in a ton of storage options without shrinking the floor area.

2. This entire bedroom is storage!

When we say you can't have too much storage, we really mean it! The designers of this amazing bedroom have constructed the entire bed out of cabinets and drawers to keep items like clothing and shoes out of sight, while the far wall has been turned into a shelving unit so that you can decorate your room, and display personal items.

3. Wall mounted cabinets

These sleek flat panel cabinets are typically seen in kitchens, but they're a fantastic idea for storing items of importance in the bedroom. We especially love how they've used the underside of the cabinets for recessed lighting for the desk.

4. Use the height of the room

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This magical bedroom looks like it belongs in castle, but what we're interested in is how they've built a window box with cabinets, a fantastic idea that creates a comfy spot to enjoy the views even as it provides storage. But even better is how they've  placed wicker baskets on top of the cabinet, which is a great way to store linens or winter clothes, and get the most out of the high ceiling.

5. Room dividers

If you live alone, then this creative option may just be perfect for your home. In order to keep the bedroom open so that it does not feel quite so small they have used a cabinet and shelving unit as a room divider that will fit all of your clothes, provide decorative opportunities in the shelves, and maintain visual contact with the rest of the home.

6. Box shelves

If you have limited floor space getting an armoire or closet in may not be an option. To solve this floating box shelves can be mounted to the wall, and they're as trendy as they are useful!

7. A mirrored closet

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A mirrored closet will effectively double the perceived size of your bedroom so that it doesn't feel oppressive or claustrophobic, plus it makes it easier to check your outfit before you head out the door!

8. A functional bed base

There a ton of ideas similar to this around, so whether you choose to DIY it or just hunt through the fantastic options available, you're sure to find one that suits you. This one features bookshelves, perfect if you're in a shared apartment and work from home, and those steps up are a wonderful touch!

9. Storing items under the bed

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You should never just throw things under the bed, it's miserable when you actually need to find something. However with neatly organised boxes like this you can use that negative space under the bed, and make your life a whole lot easier!

10. Multifunctional furniture for kids

A unit like this that combines a bunk bed, work desk, shelves, and drawers, fits an entire bedroom's worth of furniture into one neat package!

11. Multifunctional furniture for adults

Or you can take the slightly more mature option, which instead of a bunk bed has a large elevated base for a double bed, but still offers plenty of shelves and storage options, including a book shelf that gives the bed added privacy.

12. Turn your room into a library

There's nothing more sophisticated and cultured than a personal library, it lends as much to the decor as it does in storage opportunities! Made from absolutely beautiful timber this shelving unit just drips elegance, and looks magnificent, and by covering the entire wall they have made the most of the space available.

The professionals here at homify have outdone themselves again with their amazingly innovative storage solutions! For ideas on how to make the most of the rest of your small home, check out this article on integrated spaces!

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