The South African beach villa

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The South African beach villa

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Häuser von ARRCC, Modern
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It does our hearts a world of good to see stylish structures created by some of our top architects and interior designers, but even more so when those structures are located overseas – pure proof that South-African talent is a force to be reckoned with in the architectural- and design world! 

So, today on homify 360°, we get spectacularly luxurious with a super modern villa in Ibiza, Spain, which combines barefoot luxury and family entertainment – with a strong sense of lavish sophistication, of course. 

Designed by the interior designers of Cape Town-based firm ARRCC, the main idea behind this creation was to allow the owners an oasis where they could enjoy the wonderful island in a more laid-back manner, away from the summer club scene.

Ready for one breathtaking creation?

The front entrance

 Häuser von ARRCC, Modern

A gathering of tactile and raw materials, including honed stone and timber, have been combined to enhance the natural experience of this villa. 

Here we have a view of the supreme front entrance; a marriage between textured materials, clean surfaces and light hues. Doesn’t this image just ooze sophistication?

The driveway

 Häuser von ARRCC, Modern

Before we enter, we thought we’d take a look at the fabulous driveway leading up to the house. You know you made it when palm trees and pristinely maintained garden greens align the path to your main entrance!

Visual exquisiteness

 Wohnzimmer von ARRCC, Modern

A spacious open-plan layout combines one of the living rooms and a dining areas, which open up onto one of the balconies overlooking the ocean. Seeing as the colour palette is subtle and calm, it’s up to textures and patterns to ensure some visual detail, such as the stone wall, plush rug, timber coffee table (which sports a very unique look), and delightful patterns on the sofa’s scatter cushions.

A lavish seating spot

 Wohnzimmer von ARRCC, Modern

An immaculate kitchen

 Küche von ARRCC, Modern

Clean, subtle and sophisticated – those are definitely the words we’d use to describe this modern kitchen. Even though it’s clear that it presents admirable storage areas, it does so in a quiet manner by having none of the cabinets have any knobs or handles. 

A rustic-style counter injects some visual contrast, while an elongated slit in the wall performs the task of both a backsplash and a window with a supreme view.

The second living room

 Wohnzimmer von ARRCC, Modern

Of course a house of this size would have more than one living area, and this one, located on the top floor, seems to be the more informal space, complete with a wall-mounted TV and plush seating clearly intended for lounging and relaxing. 

However, we’d bet that those fabulous glass doors are never shut, as that balcony and gorgeous ocean view make prime décor pieces for this interior space.

Another terrific terrace

 Terrasse von ARRCC, Modern

Time to cool off

 Pool von ARRCC, Modern

Right outside we locate the family’s personal paradise: a terrace, complete with multiple loungers, which is connected to a majestic swimming pool via creamy-hued steps and tropical garden touches.

The perfect view

 Pool von ARRCC, Modern

The villa is located on a hilly terrain, treating these blessed homeowners to a spectacular view of the ocean and Formentera, the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

This entire structure, complete with all its luxurious amenities, is a giant contrast with the more frantic lifestyle that one usually associates with a party hotspot like Ibiza.

Relaxation spots

 Terrasse von ARRCC, Modern

The bedroom of timbers

 Schlafzimmer von ARRCC, Modern

One of the numerous bedrooms opted for a slightly rustic look via timber panels adorning both a focal wall and a raised part of the floor. This room is also an open-plan layout which shares its space with a contemporary bathroom, located on the left.

A plush spot for sweet dreams

 Schlafzimmer von ARRCC, Modern

Another bedroom offers up a more lavish look with numerous fabrics and cushions, even including a little L-seater sofa. Its very own en-suite bathroom is also included, right behind the decorated glass pane.

Decorative details for the bathroom

 Badezimmer von ARRCC, Modern

A night view

 Häuser von ARRCC, Modern

We just couldn’t depart without taking a glimpse at this paradise house at night, when the dark sky entices the villa to come to life via a thousand (give or take) lighting fixtures. Multiple surfaces, whether they’re located on a floor, a wall or in the pool, light up fantastically, coating the entire house in a warm and elegant glow. 

Most definitely one of our favourite discoveries here on homify! 

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