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27 easy to achieve wardrobes which turn your dreams to reality

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Everyone dreams of having a luxurious home with all the trappings of wealth and success. But what are the key hallmarks of such a home? Well, aside from a heated swimming pool and an underground wine cellar, most people would say that a dreamy walk-in wardrobe in a must-have in a truly decadent abode.

We can't help but agree – dedicating a whole room to your clothes is the last word in luxury. However, such sartorial bliss isn't limited to the super rich. Believe it or not, there's as much room for a walk-in wardrobe in a 60 square metre apartment as there is in a starter castle.

The way to make a walk-in wardrobe work in a smaller space is to remember that function comes first. Designing a bespoke baroque closet is all well and good, but it's pointless if the storage space hasn't been well thought out beforehand. Your dressing room should be practical, efficient and and every piece of furniture should fit the room to create a neat and relaxing place to get changed and ready for the day. Check out these 27 amazing wardrobes to find your perfect style, then call a professional to build one for you!

1. This convenient closet is right next to the bathroom.

2. This simple wardrobe has the perfect measurements – we love those elongated rectangular shelves.

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3. A minimalist wardrobe with clever built-in lighting and varied shelving styles.

4. This walk-in wardrobe keeps clothes hidden behind closed doors, with plenty of space to try on today's outfit.

5. How sneaky! This secret wardrobe is far bigger than we expected it to be, and has room for two stacked rails.

6. This small and chic dressing room is divided from the bedroom by a plasterboard wall.

7. This cabin-like wardrobe is super easy to install, and it looks so suave!

8. Stripped wood and warm sunshine yellow tones combine to create a Scandinavian style dream wardrobe.

9. Shades of grey and tessellating shapes are used to great effect in this very modern closet.

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10. This dressing room has low shelves to ensure easy access.

11. This is a novel way to use forgotten attic space – turn it into a designer walk-in wardrobe!

12. This huge dressing room draws inspiration from sci-fi movies and modernist ideals to create a cool, sleek space.

13. So much organisation crammed into so little space! Those diversely-sized drawers are especially innovative.

14. This walk-in closet is too cool for school, and has a high-fashion outfit selection to match.

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15. A cabin-style wardrobe that is low-key yet functional, with room for all the essentials.

16. Bellisima! This luxurious walk-in wardrobe has a glamorous and classic look. Audrey Hepburn would approve…

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17. Studio apartments should install their open wardrobe in a corner, turning clothes and accessories into a design feature.

18. This hot pink corner closet is the perfect way to store shoes and accessories.

19. Go all-white for a dreamy minimalist dressing room that feels like stepping into heaven.

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20. This sharply appointed wardrobe is clean and crisp, with just the right balance between fashion and function.

21. An angular walk-in closet with a wrap-around rail is perfect for people who can't bear to part with their cherished favourites… no matter how old they may be!

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22. Go for all-out practicality and include a sewing machine in your wardrobe design – great for last-minute repairs.

23. Separate yet connected, this modern walk-in wardrobe truly has everything.

24. This large and sophisticated wardrobe uses wooden panels for an executive look.

25. This bold en suite bathroom has an additional surprise – there's a dressing room hidden beyond that door! Let's hope it's well ventilated.

26. This wardrobe uses a classic lightbulb mirror and modern materials to create a scenic, film studio effect.

27. Finally, the dream dressing room. Minimalist, organised and totally stylish, what more could you want from a wardrobe?

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