12 kitchen bars for small houses

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12 kitchen bars for small houses

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As you have probably already guessed, the kitchen is our favourite place in the house. It's a space for experimentation, enjoyment, and excellent conversation. It's the social hub of the home, which is why it's so important for it to be well-presented.

If you're looking to renovate your kitchen, stop what you're doing and don't make any further plans until you've considered a breakfast bar. No, we're not joking – a breakfast bar is the number one essential kitchen element for 2017. We've got 12 of the best right here for you to peruse. Take your pick…

1. Combine wood and chrome for a modern aesthetic

Kitchen bars should be as practical as possible. If you're short on space, try building a bar that juts out from a wall and wraps around the kitchen, forming a C shape. This will give you more counter space to work with, and will make the kitchen look cosy and inviting.

2. A small, stylish table of marble and wood.

Keep your kitchen design consistent and match the materials of your bar with the colours and textures used throughout the rest of the room. Interior designers favour marble for modern table tops, which looks outstanding when paired with smooth dark wood.

3. Give the hob a resplendent touch with LED lights and a fixed glass plate

LED lights elevate your kitchen from humdrum to hoo, mama! Place them under or around the main bar, and accent them with reflective panels so that they bounce more light around the room. The aim is to create a room that loooks delicate, elegant, and striking all at once.

4. Use dark marble for the countertops – it's easy to maintain and clean!

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The Vrindavan Project

Bhatia Farm Residence

The Vrindavan Project

Marble is a very resistant material, which makes it a popular choice in kitchen design. Yes, it's expensive, but it's easy to wipe down, is very durable, and adds a luxe look to any room.

5. In smaller kitchens, keep the breakfast bar close to the door. Just add a chair and you're ready to go.

This is a very easy way of adding a kitchen bar to your home without knocking down walls or remodeling. Just bolt a delicate and practical table to a wall (making sure it doesn't obscure the entrance) and brunch to your heart's content.

6. Give your kitchen a rustic look with bricks

Creative types who want to break up the monotony of modern kitchens should build their bar with bricks! This dreamy industrial bar is quick and easy to achieve – just build your initial structure and then add a worktop in a luxurious, contrasting material (marble, perhaps?) – the smooth and the rough will complement each other perfectly.

7. Say yes to plated countertops

… they create a wonderful space with a modern and minimalist touch. This kind of design allows you to maximise valuable work space while also leaving room for a cosy little breakfast spot.

8. Replace your worktops if you're not keen on remodeling the kitchen. Small details often have a larger impact than you might think…

We don't always have to go for a complete overhaul – sometimes, it only takes one little change to completely rejuvenate a kitchen. Instead of replacing everything, simply install new counters to create a sleek bar space. You'll be amazed by how much of a difference it makes!

9. Adopt a world-famous style – the elongated worktop with an identical base and counter

Go mad for marble and use it as a continuous cover for your kitchen bar. This design is a modern classic, and keeps your kitchen looking seamless and on-trend.

10. Keep it conventional with a conservative wooden worktop

Wood gives an air of warmth to any home environment. Add a polished wooden bar to your kitchen, and enjoy a cultured coffee or snack at any time of the day. Also, take note of how this designer has used the shelves as a continuation of the bar – very smart!

11. Add a sink for extra function

We love a good kitchen bar, but we love a multi-functional space even more! This design goes beyond the conventional and creates a space for food preparation, cooking, AND eating – all in one!

12. Give your kitchen a modern update with shiny chrome and eye-catching chair design

 Küche von Redesign, Modern

A modern kitchen refit


If there is an area of the home where you can afford to step out of your comfort zone, it's the kitchen. Place a few simple modern elements into this space and just see what a difference it makes. The finish is impressive and the dark chairs create a pleasing contrast. We think this bar might be our favourite on the list!

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