11 cute Nordic-style wooden homes

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11 cute Nordic-style wooden homes

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Gemütliches Einfamilien Blockhaus Skandinavische Häuser von Finnscania Blockhausfabrik Skandinavisch
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Nordic-style wooden homes have an undeniable cuteness. They may be small, rustic and earthy, but they have all the modest luxurious appeal of a cosy, family home. These dwellings are really made to be filled with love and homely warmth and this is where many lavish homes can’t really compete.

So what are some of the cutest wooden homes we’ve seen? Well here at homify, we’ve been keeping track of architects who produce some of our favourite little wooden homes – and today we’ll present the best of their designs. So, without further ado, come with us to check them out!

1. Cape Cod-style Nordic home

This two story wooden home has a classic peaked roof and a wooden exterior that has been painted a dark blue. The white trim and impossibly cute white little windows add a whole lot of charm.

2. Wooden country retreat

Skandinavische Häuser von homify Skandinavisch

This little wooden country retreat has more of a modern flavor. It has a rather modest floor size, but would still feel quite inspiring due to the large glass windows covering one side. We love the roof with the single slope.

3. Classic wooden home

Haustyp Arne 100 mit Amerikanischer Terrasse Skandinavische Häuser von Akost GmbH 'Ihr Traumhaus aus Norwegen' Skandinavisch
Akost GmbH  <q>Ihr Traumhaus aus Norwegen</q>

Haustyp Arne 100 mit Amerikanischer Terrasse

Akost GmbH "Ihr Traumhaus aus Norwegen"

This little red homestead looks like it belongs on the set of an old film. The porch has a classic Americana look and there is lots of space for enjoying the peaceful garden on a summers night. Check out the little window on top.

4. Green home with cute white windows

This little two-level wooden home has a calm green exterior and a good wooden deck. There are all the hallmarks of a classic Nordic home, the special feature here is the open terrace. It’s really built to merge with the garden.

5. Gables and classic grey exterior

This little wooden home is designed in a classic Norwegian style. It has ceramic roof tiles and a classic antique grey exterior. We love the peaked roof and the gable window.

6. A modern wooden home with a peaked roof

Gemütliches Einfamilien Blockhaus Skandinavische Häuser von Finnscania Blockhausfabrik Skandinavisch
Finnscania Blockhausfabrik

Gemütliches Einfamilien Blockhaus

Finnscania Blockhausfabrik

The area under the peaked roof has been used to create a wooden home with modern triangular windows here. They accentuate the roof shape and give this modern wooden home a distinctive look.

7. A large wooden home

Gesundes Wohnen hinter weißer Holzfassade Skandinavische Häuser von Skan-Hus Projekt GmbH Skandinavisch
Skan-Hus Projekt GmbH

Gesundes Wohnen hinter weißer Holzfassade

Skan-Hus Projekt GmbH

This white wooden home may be cute, but it’s surprisingly large. Despite the three level construction, it still looks rather lightweight. This is largely due to the uncompromising use of white and the soothing effect of a textured timber facade. Check out the crescent-shaped attic window.

8. A single-storey home with lots of windows

This wooden home is definitely more sprawling than the others. This kind of wooden home is often seen in suburban areas of north America. We love the L-shaped design because it forms a sort of privacy shield. It also sort of encloses the outdoor deck and makes it more cosy.

9. Simple wooden home with a peaked roof

Dark rustic red is a classic choice for an old-style wooden home. Here we can see how beautifully it contrasts against the verve of some green surroundings. The simple and rather solid window design gives it a very functional, private feel.

10. A modern take on a classic wooden home

This modern wooden home is actually Japanese, but it has all the elements of a cute Nordic home. Dark wood, a peaked roof and a modest aesthetic are the order of the day here. Check out the very deeply inset attic window.

11. A portable home with antique gray walls

Finally, cute wooden homes are perfect for those looking for a prefabricated solution. This portable home has antique grey walls and a very simple design. It's definitely more accessible for those looking for a low-cost wooden home.

If you want to peek inside number 10, take an extended tour here: A peaceful modern cabin in the woods.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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