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Metro Cúbico Digital
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The latest home designs are built in such a way that they are more artistic, functional and efficient than ever before. On the same lines, we bring to you a trendy pattern of a house that was designed using the everlasting combination of stone, wood and glass. Every single thing of this residence ranging from the layout to the materials to even the overall ambience is worth noticing. It has been cleverly built to allow each room gets a different and distinct vibe. Let us start with our tour.

Futuristic appearance

The exteriors of this house have a futuristic appeal to it. The crazy design, bizarre patterns and prudent use of glass and wooden fixtures give it the feel of a superhero house. Designed by Metro Cubico Digital, architects in Portugal, this house is entirely different from the others and can be broadly termed as one of its kind. The façade of the house was designed in such a way that it captures maximum natural light and renders a feel of openness. The symmetric view of open garden and lush green law further add a personalised and cosy feel to the area. A cosy pool on one side beckons you to take a dip in its pristine waters.

Living room, interiors

The living room too comes with a surprise element. The in-room kitchen, dining room and living room together make this expansive space. The extensive flow of natural light from all the sides brings along brightness and warmth. This place is made welcoming by the inclusion of a cosy and comfortable stale blue couch that is accompanied by a matching chaise lounge and a swarthy rug. Light wooden flooring and wooden interiors embark a pure country style effect and make the ambience more friendly and homely.

Living room details

The living room and dining room make an ideal pair. They are cordially separated by the symmetric placement of three statement lights that are suspended over the dining table. The whole design is high style and modern. The concept is to add maximum luxury in a confined space. A sleek fire pit in one corner is another beautiful feature of this area.

Classy dining

The dining room is a pleasant sight to watch, as it is not confined in closed walls. This place gets its openness from elongated layout and huge French windows that welcome natural light with open arms. The dining table is more on a simpler side, as it does not employ any luxurious patterns. Minimally designed wooden platform and chairs make a beautiful line up in this modern design.

Rear view

Maintaining a stunning look from all angles is a highly cumbersome task. But this house is an artistic exception to this as well. Even from the rear, this house looks equally serene and charming. The eye-catching black exteriors along with the uniform display of exotic glass makes it a great source of inspiration. It renders a warm and pleasing finish even from the rear, thus creating an overall intimate effect.


The bedroom is extremely cosy and tranquil. This quiet space has all the basic designs and functions that make it an ultimate place of repose. The use of neutral colours and lightly toned flooring along with the white bed linen make an ideal frame under the natural light.

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