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Imbibing the charm of typical European architecture, a contemporary German home is the ultimate blend of sophistication and comfort. Adhering to this very idea, the team from Fingerhaus GMBH – a group of eminent home builders in Germany, has designed this utilitarian house. The family home perfectly replicates the conventional, simple, and stately style that one could see in the classical buildings of this region. Elegance underscores the residence and forms a defining style in its own subtle way. Have a look at this home in our new idea book!

​Linear pattern for the facade.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Stadtvilla mit angrenzender Garage homify Villa Stadtvilla,Garage,Eingang,Fertighaus,fertighausbau,holzbauweise,fertighäuser

The facade is a neat structure with a box like space that contains the various elegant quarters of the house. The eaves under the Mediterranean style rooftop create the right amount of flourish. The iron grills in front are a pre war throwback that stands around the home.

​Modern grandeur in the entryway.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Eingang homify Haustür Fertighaus,Flur,Eingang,Haustür,Beleuchtung,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

The entryway has a grand modern look with a black door set within glass panels. The lamps above the sleek wall mounted end table create a neat and uncluttered visual. A mirror is set on the facing wall.  The ceiling is an asymmetrical one layered with niches.

​The urban living room.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Wohnzimmer homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Stadtvilla,Fertighaus,Wohnzimmer,Sofa,Kamin,Ofen,Design,fertighausbau,holzbauweise,fertighäuser

What we really loved about the living room is the vertical nook within which the double windows have been placed. The niche expands skywards and gives the illusion of a cozy vibe to the space. The fireplace and modern art on the wall is the right fit with the linear finish of the furniture.

​The main hall.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Wohnzimmer mit puristischem Design-Kamin homify Moderne Wohnzimmer Fertighaus,Wohnzimmer,Kamin,Design,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

The main hall of the home has been done up with a rather attractive wooden floor ,while the cream hued surroundings are the precise topping for the style scheme here. The space has been layered with windows at varying heights.

​The stately dining room.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Esszimmer homify Moderne Esszimmer Fertighaus,Esszimmer,Esszimmerstuhl,Stadtvilla,Holztisch,fertighäuser,fertighausbau,holzbauweise

True elegance comes alive in the dining room. The polished wooden table glistens with archetypal good looks while the simple chairs have a roomy look. The rug is a sink-in-one with large doors along the wall on one side. The simple chandelier is a classic addition.

The simple, winding staircase.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Flur homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus Fertighaus,Flur,Treppe,Holztreppe,Holz,Deckenlampe,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

The slate flooring is the defining touch in this lobby while the boxed wooden stairs have a linear twist. The lamps spread a golden glow over the area.

​An innovative touch to the mezzanine.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Galerie homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus Stadtvilla,Fertighaus,Galerie,Wohnzimmer,Fenster,fertighausbau,holzbauweise,fertighäuser

The view from the mezzanine is one that exposes the entire living room and part of the dining room as well. The space is well lit and has blinds at one end.

​Luxury-filled master suite.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Schlafzimmer homify Moderne Schlafzimmer Fertighaus,Schlafzimmer,Doppelbett,Bank,Bodentiefe Fenster,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

This luxurious master bedroom is one that evokes a sense of comfort with its silken headboard and dark bedding.

​Pops of glorious shades.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Gästezimmer homify Moderne Schlafzimmer Fertighaus,Gästezimmer,Doppelbett,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

This saffron-hued bedroom creates a warm look with lots of accessories and white furniture.

​A comfortable bathing experience.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Badezimmer mit Badewanne homify Moderne Badezimmer Fertighaus,Badezimmer,Badewanne,Badezimmermöbel,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

This large bathroom has all the classic appeal with many modern fittings and a layout that makes for various functions in this space.

​Backyard with a view.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Stadtvilla mit Walmdach homify Villa Stadtvilla,Fertighaus,Walmdach,Erker,Balkon,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

The backyard of the home shows off the patio and terrace along with the shrubs growing around the area.

​A terrace to complete it all.

Frei geplantes Kundenhaus - Terrasse homify Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse Terrasse,Garten,Gartenmöbel,Sonnenschirm,fertighausbau,fertighäuser,holzbauweise

This wooden terrace presents the perfect lounging spot with recliners, an umbrella, and an outdoor dining area.

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