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Private Residence in Koregaon Park, Pune, Chaney Architects Chaney Architects Moderne Esszimmer
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This wonderful house in India is an explosion of wonders! It has a strong visual impact. The detailing in the design will leave you awestruck. The space has been created here in the most incredible way. Designed by the architects of Chaney Architects, this mansion looks like something made for Hollywood movies. Undoubtedly the house is neighbors’ envy and owner’s pride. Come; let’s take a tour of the house with Homify.

Main facade

The view of the villa from the exterior is very fascinating and charming. There is a perfect balance between the delicacy of the glass and the sturdiness of the pillars. The relationship between the void and space is absolutely striking. The house, the area surrounding it and the greenery around is a true symphony of architectural fundamentals. The indirect illumination of the staircase in the main entrance is simply mesmerizing.

​Outdoor area

The house has two levels. The part overlooking the garden has a covered patio where there is a dining area and an outdoor living room. Is it a piece of paradise or a paradise itself? The outdoor spaces are designed with great precision. Even the lawn follows irregular geometric shapes and every detail is there for a reason.

​Double height entrance

The entrance of the house has double height. It gives a great hierarchy to this space. The large curtains, the pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling and the decorative accessories combine to make this place unique, incredible and royal. The house is located in the part of India that has hot and humid climate. Keeping it in mind, the decor is predominantly subtle. The white curtains provide protection against the sun. The large windows allow ventilation in case you want to keep it open.

​A modern room

The different areas of the house are well defined, thanks to the playful patterns on the ceiling and the furniture used in each area. The ceiling has different levels and each level is lit with bright lights. It has most of the elements that make up the lighting system of the room. But still what attracts our attention is the floor lamp. The white arched shape lamp is very dominating. Alone it has elevated the look of the room.

​Dining room

The dining room is an extension of elegant and stylish living room. With all its comfort, luxuries and formal style, it is ready to welcome the guests.  The magnificent candelabrum with its glow further improves this space dedicated to food and family. The wooden staircase with glass railing takes you to a beautiful gallery that leads to rooms and to the private spaces of this wonderful house.

​The kitchen

The kitchen is modern and well equipped. It has an island right in the center. It looks elegant and is very functional. While preparing meals or enjoying casual meals with family or friends or when assisting the chef of the house to prepare delicious meals, this is really comfortable. The modern equipments play an important role in making this kitchen magnificent.

​Main room

The bedrooms are on the upper floor. This beautiful room has solid wood flooring. The combination of wooden floor with the blue wall is very original. It is providing a fresh color tone that is perfectly balanced with the warmth of the wooden floor.

​The bathroom

It’s a dream bathroom! Spacious and comfortable, with a double sink and a large back-lit mirror; it’s perfect. It has a large shower area that ensures the greatest possible comfort when relaxing under the warm shower. The bathroom has all the possible luxuries. Spending some ‘me’ time here will totally be a comforting and enjoyable experience.

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