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Prefabricated houses: 3 homes that are cheap and easy to build

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These homes are so simple (and stylish!) that you could pretty much build them yourself. 

When it comes to prefabricated houses, there’s quite a lot of factors working in their favour. Not only are they available in a multitude of different styles, they are also extremely effective in cutting down both construction costs and –time. 

All you need is a professional designer that can conjure up the prefab home of your dreams (and budget) and you’re on your way! However, we understand that it can be scary to try new things, which is why we are treating you to three different prefab homes today to persuade you to give this wonderful architectural treat a try.

House 1: The modern style

The monochrome look never ceases to impress us, and it is also so superb in creating a modern aesthetic which happens to work so perfectly in our first example.  

A charming little home in the modern style with a functional build – what more could one ask for? 

How about a glimpse at the interiors?

Bright and glowing

Seeing as the house is modest in size, a lot of light colours were used in its interior palette to up its visual spaciousness. The results? This fresh and bright room!

A spacious corridor

One look at this roomy hallway and it’s so easy to think we’ve crossed over into a bigger, more traditionally built home – but no, this is still part of the little prefab. 

Who knew these structures could feel so large?

The ideal room for a little one

No, we don’t mean a little person (although that could also work), but actually a child – that is whom this space could be perfect for. 

With wooden walls and a big window, as well as the light creamy hues on the walls, this room already has the perfect jumping-off point from where we can start decorating with everything needed for a child’s bedroom.

Can’t you just see the myriad of colours, patterns and toys adorning this space?

A cleverly spaced bathroom

Think that a bath would be an exceptional luxury in a prefab home? Well then, just see how well this particular one’s layout makes use of its space. It manages to feel unfussy, modern and welcoming, and that is with the boiler included!

The delicate details

One of the main reasons that prefab homes are so popular is their attention to detail. For example, adding wooden shutters and colour-coordinated guttering are the kind of touches you'd expect from a far more expensive building project, right?

House 2: The Scandinavian style

For our second example, we go with a delightful little creation that’s finished off in light-stone grey, large windows and doors in snow-white frames, and a delicate pitched roof – all the charms of the Scandinavian design style. 

Let's take a look inside…

The open-plan interior

Like our previous model, light also floods wonderfully inside. No gloomy interiors for this little beauty! 

Thanks to the interior wooden walls, dusty hued flooring and overall light colour palette, there’s a real cosy and fresh feeling inside. It's also much larger inside than we expected.

Fabulous doors

Thanks to large windows and doors, the interiors are kept dazzlingly charming. And let’s not forget how those glass panes allow the exterior surroundings (like a fantastic garden or stretched-out lawn) to flood indoors.

Comfortable proportions

The designers really show us that they take functionality and comfort into consideration with these designs – we have seen less generous proportions in standard houses. 

The ceiling that gently slopes upwards helps to make the interiors feel tall. And notice that due to the designers making magic, the room feels far from cramped, even though it’s a living area and kitchen rolled into one.

A room for the kids

The pale-blue walls of this room makes it the perfect space for a child’s bedroom, as there seems to be enough room for sleeping and playing (especially if we opt for bunk beds).

The main suite

As the bedroom is where we sleep, it makes perfect sense to include a comfortable bed in it, and not much else. And that is why this modest space will make the perfect bedroom!

Lots of space for the bathroom

Honestly, we were expecting to find a minuscule space wedged in somewhere, not this comfortable layout which includes all the necessities of a modern-day bathroom.

House 3: The traditional style

Our third example took on a lovely wooden house and gave it a perfectly rustic look which adds character and detail to the façade. And just think: it will only take a matter of days to construct this house and call it “home”!

Amazing interiors

A completely different vibe than what we experienced in the first two, don’t you agree? By maintaining the wood as the main material inside as well as out, there's a warm and cohesive feel to this build, whilst the dark wood accents add something extra.

A truly spacious kitchen

The designers really crafted out a neat spot for the heart of the home. This classic L-shaped layout is carefully supported by a big peninsula, incorporating dark wood for the cabinetry to form an ideal contrast with the white countertops.

Fully functional

What more could one possibly need in a kitchen? Generous amounts of worktop space ensures even the most novice of cooks will have a breeze with meal preparation in here, whilst integrated appliances keep the whole look sleek and modern.

The fully kitted-out bathroom

We fully support the decision to place the boiler in the bathroom and keep it out of view in the more lively and sociable areas of the house. And the inclusion of dark-wood flooring really ties this place together and adds a sense of sophistication.

The grand master suite

Far more spacious than the previous house’s bedroom, right? What a cosy dream space this turned out to be, especially with the inclusion of large double doors leading outside.

The stunning closet

When it comes to smaller homes, storage becomes a crucial factor, which is why we give this built-in closet two thumbs up. It is going to make storing clothing and other household items a breeze! 

Who knew so much could be accomplished with a little old prefab? 

For more inspiration, take a look at The best prefab home design we've ever seen, for R1.2 million.

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