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19 ideas to maximize your living room

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If you have a small living room, don't think that it can't be massively impressive and beautiful, as it really can! If you follow our tips for adding just the right amount of color, storage and accessorize, we think you'll quickly see that small proportions are nothing to get upset about! Don't worry, we haven't simply made these tips up, as we've actually been observing how professional interior designers tackle small living rooms, so by following through with these ideas, you can be sure that you're getting the designer look, all on your own!

1. Put the walls to better use.

Mounting your TV on the wall will free up lots of room in a small living space and add some extra shelves and you'll have some handy storage too!

2. Remove non-load bearing walls.

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Make a small living room feel bigger by removing non-essential walls and using transparent room divides. You'll still have a cordoned off area, but with better light flow and improved proportions.

3. White will work wonders.

Small rooms always look bigger if you decorate them with a lot of white! Get your curtains open and draw in a lot of natural light and the effect will be amplified!

4. Keep it neutral.

Neutral decor is a great way to make a small living room feel larger and more proportional and can be a lot warmer than bright white, if that's a concern for you!

5. Add an accent color.

If you can't bear the thought of a living room without color, by all means add some in, but keep it to one area, to make a big splash! A wall panel is perfect and won't shrink the room at all.

6. Make art the focus.

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Every inch of space counts in a small living room, so why not look to make something other than the television the focus? If you love art, we think a big wall installation will be a real talking point!

7. Space-saving transformative furniture is a must.

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This living room is inspiring for two reasons! The art looks great, but look at this transformative sofa as well! Perfect for giving you more lounging room when you want it, but floor space when you don't!

8. Avoid using too many patterns.

The simpler you keep your decor, the bigger a small living room will feel, but don't think you have to be boring! Using luxury materials and a variety of muted hues will create a multilayered space!

9. Natural stone will add the right kind of warmth.

For a feature wall with style but not overbearing design, you really need to consider using some stone cladding! Natural, beautiful and eye-catching, it blends in with any scheme and looks incredible!

10. Wall decals keep things fun but pared back.

Non-permanent designs are a great way to liven up a small space, so wall decals are well worth some consideration. They can be as personal as you like, but also peel off the wall and leave no damage! Perfect!

11. Bright lighting will make a space look bigger.

We don't think there are many problems that incredibly bright lighting can't solve and small living room proportions aren't the exception! Get your lighting good and dazzling and the room will grow before your eyes!

12. Inset shelves make space where there wasn't any before!

In a small room, you don't want to be adding too much furniture, as that will shrink the usable space exponentially, but building into your walls is a great idea! Inset shelves offer valuable storage and only use previously wasted and dead space.

13. Use the length, not the width.

If you have a long but thin living room, that's no problem at all, as you can simply use the length to your advantage! Seek to leave the middle of the room uninterrupted and clear and it will look so much bigger.

14. Sliding doors are a perfect addition!

For a sleek and space-savvy living room addition, you simply have to consider sliding doors! Choose ones that have glass panels in them as well and the room will look so much bigger and brighter.

15. If you can't resist painting, just do one wall.

We know that some of you live for color, so if you enjoy a dose of brightness, try to limit yourself to one painted feature wall. Offset a vibrant shade with neutral walls everywhere else and the effect will be gorgeous, but not all-consuming.

16. U-shaped layouts work well for creating a sociable vibe.

Make the most of a small living room by emphasizing the cozy factor! Employ a U-shaped layout and the smaller dimensions will feel like a deliberate choice, not something you just have to put up with!

17. Statement wallpaper, in small doses, looks great.

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Just like bright paint, statement wallpaper is a great way to add some flavor to your small living room, if you keep it to one wall. We love this striped design, as it amplifies the height of the space and makes it seem bigger!

18. Natural wood adds understated warmth.

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As we've said, neutral design is a great way prevent a small room from feeling even tinier, but for a little more warmth, we can't recommend natural wood accents enough. This TV wall looks amazing and doesn't shrink the room at all.

19. Textural stone negates the need for a TV!

Make the walls in your small living room something to really enjoy looking at and all you need is a sofa! In all seriousness though, textural walls will help light to bounce around, while also looking so different, which will totally disguise the small proportions!

For extra living room inspiration, take a look at this article: 17 spectacular living rooms.

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