This gorgeous chalet-style home evokes fairytale endings

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This gorgeous chalet-style home evokes fairytale endings

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 Häuser von Pavelchik Design, Ausgefallen
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With today’s tour, we will take you through a dream home which looks like something from the pages of a fairytale. This luxurious chalet combines traditional and ultramodern designs with finesse and ensures a cosy and functional living experience. Situated in the city of Krasnodar in Russia, the chalet is surrounded by a lush pine forest and is extremely eco-friendly. Rustic elements like wood and stone combine with trendy materials like glass for an exclusive look. The rooms overlook the stunning greenery as well as the sea in the distance, so that the essence of countryside living is realised to the fullest. The interior architects at Pavelchik Design have truly done a wonderful job here.

Elegant, rustic yet modern

Combining rustic and modern styles is not often an easy task, when the project is as big as this one. But the architects have done it amazingly well by pairing natural wood with transparent glass balustrades. Large glass windows and a sloping roof also show the power of this combination, while the natural stone foundation is a distinctly rustic touch. Beautiful coniferous plants add charm to the property.

Pool with a ravishing view

The gorgeous emerald green waters of this stylish pool invite you to take a refreshing dip as you soak in the beauty of the pine forest and verdant hills. A small wooden and shaded terrace adjoins the pool where you can relax, sunbathe, or chat with loved ones cosily.

Stunning aerial view

When viewed from above, the warm wooden tones of the property, the lush greenness of the forest and the forget-me-not blue of the sea create a charming symphony of colours and textures. The location of the chalet is truly outstanding.

Warm and peaceful living

Put together with natural wood, ceramic tiles, glass and real leather, this living room is a warm and inviting space to unwind or catch up. It is quiet, peaceful and cosy, offering breathtaking views of the pine forest and sea through the floor to ceiling windows. A fireplace in the corner makes winters cheerful; while a long corner balcony with glass balustrade lets you enjoy fresh air along with uninterrupted views.

Versatility of wood

Natural timber has been used in various forms in this mansion, though in a variety of tones and textures. From load-bearing walls to floors, ceilings, terraces, furniture pieces, windows and even the sauna, wood has made its elegant presence felt.

Lovely summer kitchen

Stone, natural stone and mosaic have come together to make this summer kitchen a warm and inviting space to cook and enjoy meals. It features a stove, sink and ample counter space for prepping and serving. The immediate flooring around the kitchen is natural stone so that it’s easier to clean up stains or spills.

Soothing sauna

A corner of the chalet has been reserved for a warm and luxurious sauna experience too. Natural stone, natural wood and soothing lighting ensure the calmness and simplicity of this space, where several people can unwind together and get rid of toxins. A window allows beautiful outdoor views as well.

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