How to add a parking space to your home

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While it is quite common these days for one household to have two or more cars, it is fairly rare for a house built in India to have an attached garage or a free standing garage. Hence, this leaves us with a bit of a problem for parking space at times. Today we will look at some solutions to this problem. 

This idea guide features various ways on how to add a parking space to your home. Browse through these ideas and decide for yourself which idea is best suited to your house and your unique needs. We hope you will find some interesting ideas here. 

Free standing garage

A free standing garage like the one pictured here provides full protection and shelter for parking your cars at home. There is nothing comparable to the protection a garage like this with cement walls can give you. It is also one of the most secure options as you can lock the garage door shut. However, the only drawback is that you need quite a lot of space in your compound, and you need to go through the hassle of getting a proper structure built from scratch. If providing this level of protection and security for your cars is not your main concern, there are other alternatives that have different advantages. 

Free standing carport

This modern free standing carport provides partial shelter and protection for your car. It is ideal for smaller compounds and can easily be installed without having to having to go through the hassle of getting construction work done on your house compound. 

You can get this free standing carport from France Abris, an online shop based in Lyon, France, which specializes in carports and garages. 

Attached carport

A carport like this can be easily attached to your house using various techniques and materials depending on the structure of your house. You can have an awning installed and then have a wall partition made out of wood or any other material you prefer to provide shelter from the rain and the heat. 

Browse through garages on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Underground parking

Underground parking like the one pictured here is probably the only other option that is as secure as a garage. It is also more spacious than most garages. Adding a parking space underground takes up less land space, hence it can be more spacious, but it depends on the house as well. This may be an ideal option for people getting their houses newly built.

Inside the house

Parking your cars inside the house in the compound is of course another option which most people usually choose. You can get a solid structure like the one pictured here built or install an awning to provide some shelter for your cars, depending on your budget and style. 

On the street

Finally, the last option is to park on the street. This is ideal if you live on a street that is big enough, has enough parking space, or has a sidewalk like the one in the picture here. However, if you drive a Ferrari, parking it on the street may not be the best choice. 

Parking your car on the street doesn't mean you cannot provide some protection for it though. You can still protect your car from the weather elements by putting a car cover over it. 

We hope you've found some useful tips here. For more related ideas and inspiration, have a look at 6 amazing carports.

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