Space-saving ideas for a small home

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 For many, if not most of us, finding more space in our homes is something we’re forever striving to achieve. Even for those lucky enough to live in a large property, clutter can soon accumulate and you can find yourself in need of more space, but of course, the smaller the home the more acute the problem.

 With this in mind, today we aim to lend a helping hand by providing a few innovative ideas for increasing the amount of space in a small home. Let’s get started…

1.  Surround the bed with shelves

DEPARTAMENTO 18 M2, MinBai MinBai Minimalistische Arbeitszimmer Aufbewahrungen

 Framing the bed with shelving can create an attractive focal point as well as saving space by providing ample storage.

2. A niche solution

 Building niches into a partition wall can create a better, space-saving storage solution. It can look great too, like the lovely home library above.

3. Stow away study

 Invest in a space-saving, stow away study like the one above with a desk that folds away when you don’t need it.

4. Better bathroom storage

 Crafty design elements in your bathroom, like under-sink storage, can really help to save space.

5. A condensed kitchen

 If your home has an open-plan layout then the kitchen can be minimised to a single niche in the wall containing everything you need, as with the clever kitchen space above by architect, Marta Novarini.

6. Proper planning can save space

 The television above has been placed in such a way that it’s visible from the living room and the dining area, making one appliance serve two rooms.

7. Store more in your centre island

QBETTO, SteellArt SteellArt Minimalistische Küchen Arbeitsplatten

 Invest in a super-practical centre island like the one above that houses the microwave and includes pull-out table space.

8. Under-stair storage

Appartement familial atypique : réaménagement de chambres de services-Paris-16e , ATELIER FB ATELIER FB Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

 Don’t waste the space under the stairs; turn it into a convenient closet!

9. Brilliant bed storage

METROPOLITAN, Bolzanletti Bolzanletti Moderne Schlafzimmer Betten und Kopfteile

 Save space in the bedroom by utilising the bed’s storage potential. Investing in a storage bed could dramatically increase the storage space, or if you don’t want to splash out on a new bed, buy a few storage boxes to slide underneath it.

10. The simplest of solutions

 High, wall-mounted shelving makes for a simple, but effective way to free up space.

11. Sofa storage for your living room

Inspired by Brukman Chechik, LIVE IN LIVE IN Moderne Wohnzimmer

 Storage can be built into a sofa much the same way as a bed, or, you can place some cabinetry directly behind the sofa for extra storage as above.

12. Slide away beds

NIDI MOOVING: idee salvaspazio room #3, Nidi Nidi Moderne Schlafzimmer Gelb Betten und Kopfteile

 Beds undoubtedly take up the most space in the bedroom, but they don’t have to; there are a variety of slide way/fold away options available like the children’s beds above.

13. Washing machine inside the wall

apartamento en dos alturas, MILL-HOUSE MILL-HOUSE Industriale Badezimmer

 The washing machine won’t take up much space if it’s hidden in a niche.

14. Ladders use less space

 Save stair space with a ladder instead.

15. Making a multifaceted space

 Combine different areas of the home to save space, like kitchen and dining room above.

 Check out these amazing apartments for more space-saving ideas.

 Adapted from an article by شيرين أبوزيد.

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