Low-maintenance garden ideas

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Low-maintenance garden ideas

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 Garten von Deck-linéa,
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If you think a garden is defined by having a patch of perfectly manicured grass, think again! In increasingly busy times it's difficult to commit to maintaining a space that needs a lot of attention and not everyone can afford to hire a professional gardener to take the job on for them. 

That's why lawn-less gardens are starting to spring up everywhere, replacing outdated outdoor spaces with modern aesthetics that look amazing all year round and with little to no ongoing care. 

If you want to kick back and relax this summer, instead of gardening and watering your lawn, take a look at these fantastic grass-less designs and see which you could picture replacing your current scheme!

1. A myriad of different stones

 Garten von 新美園,

Add such diversity and colour to a grass-less garden.

2. Perfect decking and matching fencing

Make a stunning outdoor terrace.

3. All-wood gardens

 Garten von Pop Arq,

Still feel organic and natural but only need the occasional re-stain.

4. Perfect pebbles and striking seating

 Garten von Cherry Mills Garden Design,
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Low Maintenance Garden

Cherry Mills Garden Design

Is all you really need for an enjoyable garden!

5. Even family gardens don't need grass

:  Garten von homify,

When you can have a sandpit and paddling pool instead!

6. Concrete gardens can be so modern and stylish

A single tree is enough to lift this example.

7. Pebble mosaics

 Garten von Melian Randolph,
Melian Randolph

Casa Polo Sotogrande

Melian Randolph

Create a beautifully rustic and easy to maintain garden.

8. Monochrome stone accents and eye-catching furniture

Totally overshadow a lack of lawn!

9. Wood and stone work perfectly together

 Garten von Earth Designs,
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

To create a smooth, natural spot.

10. Gravel and potted plants

What could be simpler or more effective in terms of an easy to maintain garden?

11. Coloured gravel

Gives you such creative freedom in terms of the garden you can craft.

12. Smooth sandstone slabs and wooden decking

 Garten von Decorum . London,
Decorum . London

Garden design and build courtyard, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Decorum . London

Have made grass a thing of the past here.

13. Who needs grass?

When you can have amazing palms and sleek decking!

14. Grass-less gardens don't need to be devoid of greenery

Hausgarten Peek - Cube Garden:  Garten von SUD[D]EN Gärten und Landschaften,
SUD[D]EN Gärten und Landschaften

Hausgarten Peek – Cube Garden

SUD[D]EN Gärten und Landschaften

These dotted plants look great.

15. Gravel paths

 Garten von eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd,
eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd

Garden Rooms by eDEN Garden Rooms

eDEN Garden Rooms Ltd

With a garden room in place, you wouldn't want to trample grass all the time, would you? 

16. Other attractions

 Garten von Earth Designs,
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Use clever lighting, funky accessories and delicious decking and you won't ever miss having a lawn.

17. Replace the traditional green of the lawn

With large plants to keep your space easy to maintain but still natural.

18. A simple inset border in smooth wooden decking

Is the perfect alternative to grass in an urban setting.

For a little extra garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 helpful ideas to make your gardening work easier.

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),

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