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6 ideas for innovative flooring

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Of all the rooms, nooks, parts and pieces that make up our domestic interiors, there is one that has the toughest responsibility of all. It's the one that frequently endures the most wear and tear, the one that is always on duty, forever beneath our feet, always expected to look great, despite being the inevitable target for more than its fair share of grime, dirt and mess. Yes folks, flooring is the unsung hero of our homes. Yet it's also one of the most crucial elements: it can make or break the overall aesthetic of our home's interior and lays the foundation for all our additional furnishings and trimmings. Given its load of responsibilities, it can be tough to find a floor material that not only looks great, but caters to cleanliness and functionality too. For that, it pays to get a little innovative.

Today on homify, we're paying our respects to the hardest working, and wearing, aspect of our domestic interiors, with a look at some great, innovative flooring ideas for the modern home. Stuck with a poor floor? Looking to overhaul or remodel? Read on for some flooring inspiration.

A marvellous resin finish

Of all the modern flooring styles and materials on the market today, one of the most popular for it's unity of aesthetics and functionality is resin. Offered in a variety of types, strengths and tones, resin is a polymer finish applied to concrete flooring for an even stronger and more durable result. It's fabulously low-maintenance: by removing the need for any unnecessary joins, edges or tile grout, excess grime and dirt are minimised; it's also ultra-resistant to dust, liquids, and even industrial chemicals, making it an extremely hygienic flooring option.

One of the best parts about resin is that it offers ultimate design flexibility, enabling you to coat your floor with a wide range of decorative finishes, uniquely catered to your interior needs. Lastly, it looks great: as we see here in this fine example, a concrete floor is given a truly smooth, contemporary and aesthetically delightful finish, for a fabulously clean, fresh and modern look.

Working with flooring can be a tricky thing to handle, and it's always a good idea to seek some advice. Why not chat to a professional and get some valuable tips on how to get started with your next flooring overhaul?

Traditional tiling with a modern touch

Blockstreifen schwarz/ weiß horizontal homify Wände & BodenTapeten

Blockstreifen schwarz/ weiß horizontal


For the interiors of many homes, an innovative approach is perhaps be best met with a decidedly classic touch. Tiling has been servicing the floors of our homes for centuries, and it remains one of the most accessible, affordable and aesthetically preferred flooring options. While not innovative as such, tiling has come a long way in recent years, and today, we have access to a fantastic range of fresh materials, styles and finishes. Durable ceramic tiles are hard wearing and very durable, and easy to replace in the event of breakage. When glazed, they remain one of the most formidable surfaces for protecting against dirt and dust.

Here, in this fine example, we see a modern, glazed tiled floor, working to full effect in this fabulously contemporary space. Glossy, without being too overbearing; functional, while offering a great aesthetic, ceramic tiling can be the perfect addition to any space in the home.

Parquetry perfection

Here's another great option for those households seeking something from their flooring that balances innovative edge with something more traditional. Simultaneously classic and contemporary, parquetry wood flooring can be a fabulous option for the right interior setting. The best part about parquetry, aside from its great aesthetic, is it's price tag: you may be surprised to find that parquetry flooring isn't actually that expensive compared to the range of options out there. It can be laid in a range of different materials, including cherry, oak, walnut, and pine, and if you're keen to spend a little more, mahogany. 

On the down side, parquetry's glamour can be shortlived; it is prone to fading, and can easily be chipped or blemished. However, with a bit of care, you can make it work, and work well, just like the fabulous master bedroom here in this beautiful example.

Contemporary concrete edge

Once upon a time, the only places that had raw concrete for their flooring were factories, industrial warehouses and prisons. Nowadays, it's a much different story: concrete is becoming one of the most popular and innovative flooring options available. While it often lives up to its reputation as a material that can be cold, harsh and a little too 'industrial', there's a lot more to concrete that you might imagine.

Working with an existing concrete slab means you don't have to worry about finding alternative materials: all you need is a basic polish, which is relatively inexpensive. Even slightly more elaborate staining treatments won't break the bank, plus you can make the end product look as unique and individual as you like. For longevity, versatility, affordability and functionality (to say nothing of the aesthetic quality) concrete remains a truly fabulous interior flooring choice.

Futuristic linocork

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum) Granorte Wände & BodenWand- und Bodenbeläge

Linocork (Cork & Linoleum)


Now here's something truly innovative: introducing linocork, an ingenious fusion of linoleum and cork. In case you didn't realise, cork is not just a material for creating effective wine stoppers – today, it's a highly desirable, soft yet durable and ecologically friendly flooring option. Mixed with linoleum, you've got a fabulously innovative, modern flooring material: naturally stylish, low maintenance of cork, enhanced with durability, life span and aesthetic freedom of linoleum. A brilliant, cutting edge choice.

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