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7 decor mistakes that make your home look smaller

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Decorating a home is all about trial and error. But, adding design features, colours and style to a small home may require some extra thought. In this homify feature, we look at 7 of the most common décor mistakes that are made in petite houses and our team of professionals will help you with space enhancing tips and tricks to get your interior comfortable and elegant.

​ 1. Short rugs

A small rug can make a petite home seem even smaller, opt for a rug that fills the entire living room area for a sleek, chic layout.

2. Overwhelming furniture

It is vital to choose furniture that fits the size of your room. Too many pieces or furniture or items that are larger than the space will just fill up the home, making it feel stuffy and claustrophobic. 

3. Cushions and comfort

Sometimes cushions are for comfort and style, but there are times when an overload of cushions will be too much to handle on a small and simple sofa. Four to six cushions are more than enough for a decorative effect, but always bear in mind, less is more.

4. Illumination

It's amazing how illumination can affect the layout, decor and detail of your modern home. Vibrant and comfortable lighting will enhance your design, colour scheme and cosy atmosphere, creating an open environment.

5. Floor sweeping curtains

Your curtains need be proportional to the plan of the room, too short and it may just create the illusion of limited vertical space, while too long will be untidy.

6. Dark walls

A dark wall, whether paint or wallpaper absorbs more light, creating the illusion of a environment, however when paired with light colour decor, the space can be chic and charming. 

7. Too much of everything

Remember when we said less is more, well that goes for all furniture, decorative pieces, objects and even lamps throughout your home. Consider the most necessary features and your environment will be fantastic. How about these 12 things that will impress your guests?

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