15 yellow kitchens to boost your metabolism

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15 yellow kitchens to boost your metabolism

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
Moderne Küchen von homify Modern
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Joyous and radiant, the colour yellow comes with connotations of happiness and optimism. As the brightest colour in the visible spectrum, it is the most noticeable of all colours when seen by the human eye and maintains a strong connection to the common imagery of warm sunshine and ripe tropical fruit. While colours like blue and green are brought into interior schemes to bring a sense of harmony, health, and relaxation, the addition of yellow to a room has a completely different effect: yellow is thought to contribute to energy levels, bringing heightens awareness and mental energy. Yellow is even thought to have a metabolism-boosting effect – and for this reason, this colour makes a great addition to a food-focused room, such as a kitchen or dining room

From citrine to chartreuse and mustard to lemon, these yellow kitchens inspire a sense of vitality and cheerfulness. In many of these designs, you’ll find that the interior designers have created a deliberate yellow theme by adding the colour in small doses throughout the room rather than in large, sweeping surfaces, as yellow’s tendency to hog the spotlight can lead it to visually overwhelm a space. If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy, find inspiration in these celebratory yellow designs!

1. ​Fresh lemon

Moderne Küchen von STUDIO Z Modern

A creamy lemon theme is created effortlessly by the addition of a few stools, standing out against a crisp white backdrop.

​2. Tropical tang

Again, no permanent features: this tropical yellow theme is created by a few lights, wall-mounted shelves, and stools, all in the same mango-inspired hue.

​3. Say cheese

Cheese lovers, rejoice: this highly original kitchen has a certain “cheesy” look to it, created by the bright yellow array of cabinet doors.

​4. Scandinavian + yellow

Scandinavian themes often stick to neutrals, but this Scandi kitchen invites an energy burst at breakfast with the addition of these crayon-yellow chairs.

​5. Contemporary cabinets

An otherwise sophisticated contemporary kitchen gets a playful dose of sunshine with a section of smooth yellow cabinets.

​6. Golden glow

This kitchen/dining room combination goes for a decadent golden theme, matching the set of golden dining ware on the shelves to the upholstery in the dining room chairs. These powerful accents are given room to breathe through the creation of a simple black and white theme throughout the rest of the room.

​7. Stripes

Added in stripes, a mustard yellow brings personality to an otherwise sterile space.

​8. Warm walls

Imagery of goldenrod and butterscotch is conjured by the addition of these richly hued walls, instilling a warm and familiar sense in this rustic-style kitchen.

​9. Splash of yellow

A silvery, champagne yellow backsplash makes a cheerful addition to this serious grey kitchen.

​10. Yellow accents

This kitchen features a primarily wood on white theme, with just a few yellow accents instilling a bold sense of optimism.

​11. Hint of lemon

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

For those who’d prefer to experiment gradually with this attention-grabbing colour, this design establishes a yellow theme with nothing more than  two chairs and two light fixtures.

​12. Adding fresh energy

Mediterrane Küchen von Pixcity Mediterran

An old farmhouse reno gets a fresh burst of energy with a creamy yellow paint popping out between wooden doors and a rustic stone wall.

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​13. Rule of threes

The Scandinavian Kitchen Skandinavische Küchen von Papilio Skandinavisch

The Scandinavian Kitchen


A yellow theme is established here with clear adherence to the rule of threes – with a balanced distribution, this friendly yellow colour draws your eyes around to appreciate the entirety of the space.

​14. Citrine

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

A dazzling burst of citrine yellow brings a punchy, high energy feeling to this tiny kitchen!

​15. Fresh fridge

Moderne Küchen von ARQ_IN Modern

A fridge like this can make or break a kitchen – with other warm colours in the walls and furniture drawing upon the same colour family, this bold yellow fridge looks surprisingly comfortable in this contemporary kitchen.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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