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6 ways to make your house cooler

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All desire a cool, soothing, relaxing and comfortable house. No one likes to sit in a hot and humid house with no source of air and ventilation. While sunlight and brightness is needed for the radiant looking house, it also brings along heat, warmth and sometimes humidity. To fight these uninspiring and unsatisfying natural factors, we bring to you a few ideas that can help you maintain a cooler house. These will help you keep your residence cool even in the hot summer days and humid monsoon weather. This article focuses how simple ideas and inspirations can instantly help transform the climate inside your house from hot and tropical to cool and soothe. These ideas are extremely inexpensive and can be utilised in any house décor; big or small. So even if it is a beachfront house or a cabin in the woods, these simple ideas about the curtains, blinders and shutters will help you enjoy a cool home without wasting energy and drilling a hole in your pocket.

Ventilate with passive cooling

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Passive cooling is another way to maintain a uniform cooling in the house. By this way you can achieve maximum cooling as it helps to bring the fresh air inside your house. By installing hallways and appropriate cross ventilation procedures you can achieve passive cooling. This cooling is achieved without the use of energy. So you cannot use fans, coolers or air conditioners. Making use of fresh air in maximum ways possible will maintain an Eco friendly ambience and will also ensure uniform coolness in the entire house. Excessive use of AC’s might bring coolness inside, but overall heats up the house from outside.

Don’t let in unwanted heat and humidity during the day

The one thing that you should definitely do during the morning and noon is keep the blinds and shutters on. By keeping the windows closed you prevent the heat and humidity to enter your holy abode. This idea is also useful to prevent the incoming of dust and unwanted external particles. Heat and humidity can be prevented in many other forms too. While windows are an easy source of incoming, the heat can also come through doors and vents. So try to keep the doors closed during the day. The best way to achieve a cooler house is to open the windows during early morning and while you leave for work you can close them with blinders on. After coming back from work in the evening, the house will be cooler and non humid.

Use your appliances only at night

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Most of the high tech appliances are associated with heat. Just like an AC, most of the daily use appliances radiate heat directly or indirectly. Dishwashers, AC, computers, ovens, etc. are few such examples that may induce extra heat inside your house. So special care must be taken while using them. For a kitchen try using a huge glass window so that all the heat generated can be easily dissipated out from the windows thus maintaining a soft and cool house.  Even for dishwashers, use them only once and that too during the night. This will save energy in many ways. First, the single wash will save power and secondly as heat will be generated just once, it saves on your AC and fan power as well. Ovens are a great source of heat, so try using them during the night only.

Plant shade trees around the home

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The natural way to ensure that your house remains cold throughout the day is to plant as many trees as possible. The trees should be planted in such a way that they become a shade like feature on top of the house. They should also be designed so creatively that they do not spoil the overall beauty of the house. Instead should mingle with the whole vista. You can go with huge trees like mango or even colourful patterns like bougainvillea that will accentuate the look of the exteriors along with ensuring a cool and relaxing atmosphere inside and outside the house. Like the one shown above designed by Renato Teles Arquitetura, this décor will make a great seating place in the patio and around the pool as well. Water and plants are the greatest combination to maintain coolness even during hot and humid months.

Cover south facing windows during the day

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South facing windows should be covered during the day. They bring in a lot of sunlight, which in turn brings heat, warmth and humidity. You can even design windows in such a way that they do not face south direction at all. Windows designed like such will help prevent the incoming of sunrays during the day. If you still have south facing windows, try covering them with heavy blinds and shutters rather than just plain and simple curtains. You can remove this during the evening and instead put in some thin curtains for privacy. For south facing windows always have a pair of thin and thick curtains installed on them. You can even go with a pair or a combination of satin and cotton curtains that apart from looking good also prevent the heat from coming.

Shade your windows with bamboo

In many countries bamboo is used for covering windows rather than curtains and blinds. This provides an easy and elegant way to keep the heat and humidness at bay. It looks good from the inside and the outside and tries to maintain an Eco friendly look. Bamboo can be installed even from the outside to give the feel of a covered wooden cabin. Bamboo has the special property of keeping cool even when in contact with the sun. For this reason it has been included in food recipes and even used for making furniture.  This is a great way to keep heat at bay, which is widely followed in Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia and now even in India. You can arrange blinds made of bamboo and can even paint or colour them according to the existing décor.

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