Before and after: two apartments into one

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Before and after: two apartments into one

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Moderne Küchen von BuroBonus Modern
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Sometimes in architecture and interior design, the end product can be greater than the sum of its parts. Such is the case with this family apartment by Parisienne interior architects BuroBon, born out of two separate small apartments that, individually, weren’t much to write home about. But the outcome of this project is not only worth writing home about, it’s worth shouting about – and from the rooftops, if at all possible. With oodles of character, it’s the perfect home for a family with a strong sense of design, plenty of time for the fun things in life and a taste for the unusual.

​Before and after: from chaos to calm

von BuroBonus

This sad and uninspiring building site has been transformed into something much more exciting, though much more contained. Admittedly the architects’ jobs were made easier by the fact that the bare bones required for a breathtaking space were already present in the form of the wood panelled walls and the floorboards, but plenty of vision and hard graft were required to bring out their considerable potential. Part of the finished room’s particular appeal lies in its neatness and organisation, which still leaves plenty of room for colour and character.

Before and after: from unappetising to a feast for the eyes

von BuroBonus

Looking at the top photo, it’s hard to believe this space has the potential to become a truly stylish kitchen and dining area. That peeling paint, shabby old toilet and exposed boiler do not seem oozing with promise. But a lot can be achieved with just a little imagination.

In the after shot, clear red chairs add quirk and character to this simple grey and white space. 

After: electric currents

Moderne Küchen von BuroBonus Modern

Exposed light bulbs, meanwhile, lend a current and contemporary tinge to the design.

​After: a daring door

Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von BuroBonus Modern

In short: Magnetic doors – why on earth not?

​After: a children’s room that has to be played in

Moderne Kinderzimmer von BuroBonus Modern

With its sunshine yellow walls and hidden nooks and crannies for storage (and playing), it would be an extraordinarily disciplined child who could resist the allure of this cheerful bedroom.

​After: shelves with style

Moderne Kinderzimmer von BuroBonus Modern

Still in the children’s room, this quirky built-in bookcase is the perfect counterpoint to the traditional wooden panelling.

​After: minimal is magical

Minimalistische Schlafzimmer von BuroBonus Minimalistisch

One of the greatest crimes you can commit against an amazing space is to overcomplicate things. These architects obviously realise this, and are smart enough to know when to as they’ve filled this lovely room with the very minimum amount of furniture to make it into a functioning bedroom.

​After: shining bright

Minimalistische Schlafzimmer von BuroBonus Minimalistisch

These beautiful exposed light bulbs on bold pink cords are all the decoration this room needs to stand out.

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