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The modern home with a family friendly style

Leigh Leigh
Excelencia en Diseño Moderne Häuser
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Today, we are going to draw inspiration from an eco-friendly home designed by professionals EXCELENCIA EN DISEÑO. With its solar panels and green design, this architectural project is a wonderful example of how going environmentally-sustainable can still be sexy and sleek!

In fact, most South Africans will fall in love with this home today. It features a strong connection between interior and exterior spaces as well as a very modern and functional design.

Once you're done exploring this home, you'll want solar panels and contemporary features for your very own home!

Green is the new black after all!

An eye-catcher

From the get go, we can see just how savvy and modern this home is. While it is a single-storey design, it catches the eye with its clean white finishes, traditional red-brick roof and sandy-brown brick walls. 

Key to the exterior look and feel of this home is the garden and outdoor area. A pathway snakes its way through the garden, which is been very strategically and professionally designed and maintained. The palm tree brings a gorgeous tropical touch to the design while the manicured lawn is charming and neat.

Four thick white pillars conceal a swimming pool from view, but still give us a little taste as to what to expect from the rest of the home!

The solar panels

The roof holds the solar panels, which power the entire home drawing energy from the natural sunlight. This is far more sustainable than using electricity and it looks neat and innovative too!

If you had to opt for solar panels, you'd not only have a far more cost-effective home, but you'd be lowering your carbon footprint too.

You may also be interested in these smart ideas to lower your electricity bill.

A welcoming entrance

As you well know, an entrance is key to a home design. It's the first impression that people will get so you want it to be warm, welcoming and savvy!

The designers have achieved exactly that with this entrance. A smooth tiled floor with a detailed pattern on it leads guests, visitors, family and friends to a very warm and charming large front door. The path to the front door is lined with white stones and beautiful plants. The look and feel is very organised and uniform yet very refreshing and creative.

Tip: Add pot plants or flower beds to your entrance design for a natural and subtle form of decor.

Backyard bliss

The interior of the home opens up onto a gorgeous back garden and swimming pool, allowing the living areas of the home to visually and physically extend outdoors.

The designers have ensured that the interior living areas feature large glass windows and doors, which open up to connect the spaces. Couldn't you imagine a Saturday afternoon braai out here?

This area is also furnished with stylish yet durable outdoor furniture and an umbrella so that this space is multi-functional. It can be used to host all sorts of events or simply for relaxing with a good book while the kids swim.

Interior delights

If we move into the home, we come a cross a very modern and cosy design. 

The architects have gone for an open plan look and feel where the rooms all flow into one another. 

White is a dominant tone throughout, creating a very cool and refreshing climate. The blue cushions, brown leather sofas and pot plants inject this space with a refreshing touch of colour, charm and personality. 

Don't you love the textured white walls, which show just how detailed a white design can be? Less can truly sometimes be more!

A bright kitchen

In the kitchen, we come across a warmer temperature!

The designers have opted for vibrant red cabinets and drawers and black finishes, which create a very striking effect. These dark colours are effective because of the natural light that flows in through the large glass windows and doors. Once again, we can see how the interior and exterior spaces are closely connect, working in harmony with one another.

In order to achieve a savvy and organised kitchen like this one, storage is key. Do you see how the cupboards reach all the way up to the ceiling? This keeps anything that isn't functional neatly stored away.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

Natural light

Before we leave this classic, stylish and modern home, we want to remind you how important natural light is in an environmentally-friendly home. Natural light naturally insulates a home, which means less money spent on warming a home up especially in winter. It also lightens and brightens an interior, meaning less money spent on artificial light. All of these factors also lower your carbon footprint!

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

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