A stylish two-storey home for the Filipino family

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A stylish two-storey home for the Filipino family

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 Häuser von Biuro Projektów MTM Styl - domywstylu.pl
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Today, we will show you a modern home in 3D images. This will allow homeowners to visualize the property before creating a home into reality. Aside from having a stylish look, this home also used materials that reflect the beauty of natural materials. If you want to, you can adapt this plan or use parts of it that suit your need.


The house was designed by a team of architects from BIURO PROJEKTOWE MTM STYL. They created a concept of a modern home that is surrounded by green gardens. Thus, they designed a patio for the family in the backyard. During vacation, they can enjoy a sip of coffee, have dessert, or immerse with the nature outside. There are upholstered chairs placed on the patio. Below, the deck is an expanding turf ground designed to accommodate reclining chairs.

Distinctive colors and materials

Here, we see unique characteristics of the house in play such as the roof with shades of grey, the yellow brick wall, and the cement wall painted in white. This makes the house look exciting and elegant. The area around the house is furnished with decorative tiles and stones. To feel close to nature, the garden is interspersed with fresh looking grass.


To complement the modern design of the roof, the veranda of the house connects to the living room. The brick walls are pierced with long glass windows. This unusual feature also allows light into the home.

In the balcony, wood was used to support the frame. It gets bright and warm as the lid opens. The door and window overlooking the garden allows us to see the greenery outside.


The architect designed the home with the added dimension as seen on the tiles, bricks, and concrete walls painted in white. This creates warmth while ensuring the privacy of the people living inside the house. The architects made the windows and doors in a perfect spot. The air ventilation is also creating shadow with a graphic pattern against the smooth wall.

Home floor plan

The first floor has a living room connected to the dining area and the kitchen. The next zone is the bedroom and bathroom.

Upstairs plan

Walking up to the top floor, we see the master bedroom with a dressing room. And next to the bathroom in the middle is a shared bedroom with two adjoining rooms.

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