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Most bathroom design ideas are for large spaces, but the reality is that our bathrooms are sometimes small. However, you can find some ideas that are flexible and can fit into any space. It all depends on proper planning and a good layout.

In other words, we must plan every inch of the space, starting with including the basic fixtures such as the toilet, sink and shower. For the remaining space, we must consider elements such as colour, layout and materials. Finally, we need to organize the elements so that we have well-defined areas, including a passage for walking. If you want some examples of how you can achieve the perfect bathroom in a small space, take a look at these ideas.

1. Add textures

An idea for giving a different look to a standard design is to use furniture with varied textures. This way, you can add a noticeable piece of décor without having to spend extra or to use additional space.

2. Floating designs

One of the secrets to making your bathroom look more spacious is to use of floating furniture. It brings an airier look visually, and it will even be easier to clean.

3. Take advantage of the ceiling

In a small bathroom, you need to take advantage of every centimetre, and for that you can use the ceiling to decorate the space and create a different look by either painting it, adding effects or placing beams on it.

4. The layout

As we mentioned in the beginning, layout is an important factor for small spaces. When we decide where to place the furniture, we need to follow a logical order. For example, putting the sink in front of the shower area can work well, like in this image.

5. Impressive details

We don’t always need a complex design to create an impressive bathroom. All that is required is one amazing detail that catches everyone’s attention. It can be a design on the ceiling or wall, colours or a decorative vinyl like in this bathroom.

9. Containing the splash

The shower area is often a problem if left uncovered as it creates splashes that stain everything nearby besides making puddles that can cause accidents. This is easily solved by adding a glass shower cubicle, which won’t occupy too much space, will contain the splashes within it and not interfere with the overall design.

6. Eclectic style

A simple way to achieve an original design is by using the eclectic style and mixing the best feature from each of your favourite styles. You can use industrial materials with minimalist design and a few rustic details to create an amazing bathroom.

7. Symmetry

Symmetry is an important element in design as it helps to maintain a balance in the space. However, it does not mean that everything should be the same on both sides of the axis. It suffices that the elements on both sides have a similar size and volume to create a balance.

8. The charm of wood

Wood is a material that always looks good, regardless of the size or the style of the space. If you want your bathroom to look inviting like a spa or sauna, you can use a wood veneer on the wall to achieve the effect by bringing all the personality and freshness that you need without spending too much.

10. Bicolour

The colour of the walls can help to define different areas in the bathroom. For a more elegant appearance, we recommend a two-tone design that mixes contrasting shades for a more dramatic effect.

11. Minimal furniture

To prevent the bathroom from looking cramped, use furniture that exposes a good amount of the wall instead of covering it completely. Simple designs work best for small spaces.

12. Light colours

Using light colours helps to reflect the light on the surfaces to make the space look wider and better illuminated. Additionally, it helps to bring a relaxing feel to the bathroom.

13. Benefit from white

White, as a colour, has many advantages in small spaces, more so in a bathroom. It makes the space appear bigger visually, blurs boundaries and brings more light besides creating a relaxed environment. Additionally, it helps you to keep it clean always.

14. Make the most of accessories

To avoid decorating the small space too much, make clever use of colour and design of the furniture, materials and accessories such as towels and bath mats.

15. Tiles

Bathroom tiles are always good allies for decorating and can be used in the bathroom to create a variety of designs.

16. Aligned

If you have a narrow bathroom, we recommend designing the space by aligning all the elements on the same side, and in logical order, so that one side is left free as a passage without obstructions.

17. A sense of infinity

Mirrors help to create a feeling of greater depth and can be used to make your bathroom look infinite, especially if you choose a mirror that extends along a wider section of the wall, like in this example.

18. A natural touch

Adding a natural touch to the bathroom helps to make the environment fresher in addition to eliminating bad odours if you use fragrant plants.

19. A design that shines

This design doesn’t employ large furniture or expensive coatings, but it achieves a powerful detail with lighting. Besides adding an impressive feature to the bath, it also creates an elegant setting.

20. Lines, lines and more lines

Linear designs are the best solution for making a bathroom look elegant and perfect. However, it doesn’t mean that you must settle for traditional lines. Be bold and use lines in different shapes and with varied materials to make your bathroom unique.

For more ideas on designing small bathrooms, see this article in our magazine.

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