10 furniture ideas for your bedroom

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Bedrooms are private spaces, but we still want them to look good since we spend a lot of time in them. We like our bedrooms to be unique, just like the social spaces in the home. However, budgets and small spaces often stand in the way of designing a perfect bedroom.

Every bedroom needs a bed, side tables and wardrobes, but instead of opting for standard designs, you can consider using unique or custom-designed pieces that add to the theme of the room in addition to presenting a memorable feature. Browse through these images to get inspired.

1. Four-poster with a difference

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Wooden four-poster beds are classic and add old world charm to any bedroom. However, they tend to be bulky and can make a small room appear cramped. For fans, who can’t live without a four-poster bed in their bedroom, a wrought-iron frame presents a simple solution as it’s narrower than a wooden one. In addition, painting it white makes it blur into the wall in the background, adding a sense of airiness to the space, like in this image.

2. Velvet headboard with matching bench

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You can bring style to a small bedroom with a splash of bright colour from a velvet headboard with a matching upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. Accessorize with throws and cushions to complete the look.

3. Modern chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is an invaluable piece of furniture in a bedroom for storing knickknacks and keeping the room looking neat. Fit a custom-made modern version in a small corner, if the traditional wooden one is too bulky or doesn’t suit the overall style of your bedroom.

4. Minimalist headboard with floating bedside tables

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides muto Moderne Schlafzimmer Betten und Kopfteile

When you have limited space, a large wooden panel that serves as a headboard and has two bedside tables floating from it is a great solution. It adds a lovely minimalist feel to the room and makes the room look more spacious besides making it easier to clean the floor.

5. Bedside cabinets with shelves

A clever design such as this one makes the most of an irregular column to save space in the room in addition to presenting storage space in the form of bedside tables as well as shelves for books and décor accessories.

6. A rustic headboard

Bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be expensive to look unique. If you have a limited budget, get creative and bring a new look to old discarded pieces, like the upcycled window frame in this image, which is converted into a headboard to bring a rustic look to the room.

7. Unique bedside tables

Bedside table F-shelf Maze Interior Minimalistische Schlafzimmer

Whether you want to save money or space, using innovative designs for bedside tables, like the floating design in this room, adds a memorable element to the bedroom.

8. Space-saving TV furniture with lighting

Instead of placing the television on a cabinet, mounting it on a panel that hides away the wires brings a neater and more modern look to the bedroom. In addition, you can incorporate lighting behind the panel and under the floating shelf below it to create a stunning piece of bedroom furniture.

9. An accent chair

Most modern homes use neutral tones to create a sophisticated ambiance, but often it results in a room appearing dull. Infuse a touch of brightness to break the monotony in your bedroom with a contrast toned accent chair.

10. Scenic wardrobe

Hand Painted Panels integrated cupboard doors Eades Bespoke Asiatischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

Instead of sticking to plain laminates or mirrors on the wardrobes in your bedroom, how about integrating hand painted scenes, like in this image to bring a unique look to the space?

For more tips on creating beautiful bedrooms, see 8 stunning ideas for the bedroom.

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