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Showers have been an integral part of every bathroom irrespective of size adding style and versatility without compromising on the functionality. The earliest shower designs were secluded corners of bathroom sheltered by curtains and screens. Soon several other designs combining saunas were created with closets that created a separate bathing area and restrained water within a particular area and drained it away instead of allowing it to spread all over the bathroom. People that want to enjoy facilities of both bathtub and shower but lack space in the bathroom keep the shower faucet above the bathtub which allows them use both within the restricted area. If the bathroom is a small one with limited space for every utility then the only way to cover the shower area would be by curtains or sliding doors as these occupy less space. When the shower faucet is above a bathtub then it can be covered either with screen or curtain that will cover both the shower and bathtub.

A practical option: a shower curtain

Even if your shower is right above the bathtub having a curtain accentuates the area and gives it an identity that is uniquely different from other hardware in the area. When a shower is enclosed in an opaque or transparent enclosure then having a curtain around it does not make sense. In a small bathroom adding a curtain to separate that area from rest of the bathroom will give a sense of space and privacy to users. 

This cream creation with simple rings matches the color of sanitary-ware in the bathroom and provides a striking contrast to light brown decor of cupboards and coffee tone wall tiles. Shower curtains with colorful motifs, ruffles or cheeky slogans can add fun element to a simple bathroom and give a boost to your sense of style.

A discret option: transparent plastic screen

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Though some people developed fear for transparent plastic curtains after the infamous horror movie Psycho their importance has not diminished and it is still used in hotels and homes. Plain transparent plastic shower curtains can be easily purchased from stores complete with rod and ring attachments, which can then be given a personal touch using stencils, stickers, fabric paint and ruffles. 

If you are not the inventive kind then get a transparent plastic one with watermarked designs and patterns like the one here and use it for the bathroom that blends into the decor. The bathroom has been designed entirely out of wood with log style design which may seem impractical to designers due to the frequent use of water in the area. But the designer has thoughtfully created a step in shower section with tiles to stop water from spreading across the bathroom.

An elegant option: glass screen with decorative vinyl

Though glass is fragile and can easily develop cracks its elegance cannot be denied and it is used in varied applications around the house from cabinets to windows and shower screens. Early shower screens consisted of plastic or fabric curtains to divide the shower area from rest of the bathroom but slowly glass doors with hinge doors and sliding doors came into market that give a whole new definition to walk in shower cabinets.

This flower shower screen created by Michèle Oberdieck with elegant red and yellow patterns against a light blue background provides a breathtaking contrast to neutral stone walls of the bathroom. As the glass of this colorful screen is frosted  it allows sunlight to enter the bathroom which filters through the glass colors adding a touch of femininity to the bathroom.

An classical option: full glass doors

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Frame less glass door shower enclosure give a touch of class and elegance to the bathroom making it look large and spacious. Whether you opt for sliding glass doors or regular open and shut ones they fit in seamlessly into a modern style bathroom giving it a sense of beauty and refreshing elegance. The shower enclosure represented here comprises of one section of the bathroom that is separated from the rest by a glass frame from floor to ceiling and has a glass door for user to walk in and out of the area. 

The glass door has a glass handle that gives a classy touch to the modern bathroom with white tiles and white hardware. This design has cleverly integrated shower section into the bathroom in such a way that to viewers it appears like a separate enclosure and from this angle makes the area look wide and long. Entire shower area from wall to floor has been given a dark blue background in contrast to rest of the bathroom. Shower window has a slim shelf below it with same glass mosaic pattern as other part of the bathroom to retain symmetry.

An rustic option: a stone half wall


Though glass shower doors and screens have their own way benefits, nothing adds more style and class to a bathroom than a stone wall. When bathrooms require privacy then a wall near shower area is the best option. Stone wall with walk in shower system can help in visual extension of the area if it is located at the end of bathroom. The best way to give more visual depth to the area is to install mirror across the entire counter area in the bathroom which makes it appear larger. This elegant sandstone wall between toilet and shower section is wide enough to hold small items like soap case, shampoo bottles and other toiletries.

An retro and stylish option: mosaic half wall

Half wall shower sections give a country style vibe to the bathroom and bring alive images of public baths during medieval times. The positive aspect of these shower designs is that it can save you the cost of installing shower curtain to separate it from rest of the bathroom. Depending on existing space in the bathroom the upper half of shower area can either be covered with a glass sheet or curtains.                   

The thoughtfully designed bathroom visible here displays country style by designing floors, doors and roof completely out of wood. The entire shower area has been been decorated with glass mosaic tiles which gives a stylish air to the enclosure. Mosaic tiles are best suited for bathrooms and kitchen back splashes as these retain their shine for a longer period than regular tiles and are easy to maintain.

The natural option – without walls

Large bathrooms allow owners to enjoy their shower without the enclosure of closed glass walls, curtains, half walls or any other barriers. Usually these shower sections have tiles on all sides with floor section that is on a slightly lower level then other parts of the bathroom to retain dirty water within one area. The fun and excitement of dancing in the rain or bathing under a jungle waterfall cannot be replicated anywhere else except the bathroom under a shower.

Only difference between natural rain and artificial rain under the shower is that the latter offers option of hot and cold water while natural rain is usually cold and refreshing. Elegant monochrome bathroom with white tiled shower area adds illusion of length and breadth to the area. The black bathroom counter with cabinet stretching across large section of one wall directly below the mirror has long white ceramic sink and steel fixtures adding strength to the neutral zone.

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