15 fabulous ideas to light the walls of your home

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Illumination is an art that requires experience and technical knowledge about brightness and direction of light. Professionals like lighting experts and interior decorators know that just setting up lights bulbs and lamps across the house will not provide adequate brightness and specific calculations are required to achieve the right level of illumination in every room. Most experts use a minimum of two to three sources of light to a house that can be switched on and off as per requirement.

Everyone know that different rooms have their own individual needs of illumination levels and can require single or multiple layers of ceiling lights, floor lamps and recessed lights with varying degrees of brightness. To achieve special effects one can use reflective surfaces like mirrors, metallic finishes and textures that can completely change the environment. Here are a few lighting arrangements from our lighting designers that inspire you to make creative changes.

1. Decorate with appliques

TODO PARA LA DECORACIÓN EN PIEDRA /MÁRMOL, D&L Stonedel D&L Stonedel Klassischer Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse Accessoires und Dekoration

A statement wall can become more interesting with applique lights that emanate brightness in selective locations for desired effect. This kind of accent lighting brings the interesting wall décor to the attention of people eating in the room wherein little lighting can achieve a pleasant image.

2. Lights that hightlight textures

A couple of strategically placed light points illuminate the wall highlighting its textures and colors creating vibrations that are transmitted to the environment. Depending on amount of brightness required these dimmer lights can be increased or decreased to emphasize on the elegance of this stone molding on the wall.

3. Uplights to make the ceiling appear higher

Lighting surfaces from points located on the floor can be a bit complex on a technical level but the result will be worth it. These charming lights pointing upwards manage make the wall seem large and tall.

4. Mixing lights

Good lighting makes all the difference between a dull and bright room as poor lighting can make even the most expensive furniture look drab and shabby. Finding the right kind of lighting for dark surfaces like walls, showcases and furniture can be complicated as they tend to absorb light so selecting lights with right intensity is critical to achieve the objective.

5. Using floor lamps for effect

homify Rustikale Wände & Böden Holzspanplatte Braun

Lights that bounce off shiny surfaces tends to create expand brightness and vision and while floor lamps come in plenty of shapes and sizes they are usually used as task lights for reading etc. Here too the combination of floor and wall lamp wraps up the corner of the sofa in a warm circle of light that bounces off the shiny polished wall,  creating a great effect with the shadows on the wall.

6. Ceiling with special effects

homify Moderne Wände & Böden

Strips of ceiling lights have been used to add drama in this long hallway along with accent lights on the side that reflect against the white marble floor making the room positively glow. Besides the overhead lighting the room also has other layers to illuminate decor details of the expansive room and furniture layout. As the black counter adjacent to the wall is the main area of focus the strips of LED lights are focused towards it unconsciously creating a central foyer like setting.

7. Combination of mirrors and lights

700, URBN URBN Moderne Wände & Böden

Lights on mirrors can magnify the reflection as much as shiny surfaces and also radiate the brightness manifold. If you want to create a central focus area in the house then using mirrors will help to strike the right touch as this counter with twinkling lights all around the top.

8. Wall of character

It takes a lot of imagination to set up the right kind of lights along or around an indoor room separator to give it character. In this delightful arrangement, focused lights have been set up  within a bed of decorative stones that concentrate the brightness on certain areas of the wall. A lively touch to a colorless wall!!

9. Industrial lighting

Within the house there are certain sections that need special focus like a dining table, study table and cooktop in a kitchen to ensure that work is done without interruptions. The electricians have rightly placed eclectic drop down lights just above the breakfast bar so quick meals can be taken without worrying about eating bugs with food which could be possible in a dark unlit corner.

10. Natural light like a seive

homify Moderne Wände & Böden

This interesting barrier manages to give the environment in the room a great atmosphere, by gently blending together natural and artificial lights together. The barrier with series of cylindrical perforations brings in natural light from outside to the interiors and combines it with ordinary lights inside the house to create a bright and modern atmosphere.

11. Combination of lights and colors

Bold colored lights within the house can create an atmosphere of celebration and joy and during parties people usually apply colorful string lights all around the house to create the right mood. If you like a bright and colorful atmosphere in certain sections of the room then use tiny string lights that are brighten up the dark corners of the house without being intrusive.

12. Power of natural light

No one can deny the power and magnificence of natural light that has the ability to make the entire house light up without need of artificial lighting during day time. Here the sunlight sifts through curtains and window slits to work in partnership with interior lights for keeping the house bright and welcoming during evening.

13. Ambient lights and color

homify Rustikale Wände & Böden Holzspanplatte Braun

Sometimes when illumination is required to highlight a section of the wall or object of decor then it has to be done carefully to ensure that onlookers appreciate its true beauty. Ambient light here brings the abstract art into focus highlighting the contrasts that are inherent in the contrasting colors.

14. Melange of lights

Want to light up an art studio with quirky light combination? This creative combination will set those wheels of imagination rolling where combination of ambient, task and accent lighting systems make the bathroom region light up like a child’s playground at night. The most interesting part of this lighting system is that every light is supported by metal pipes.

15. Play of lights and decals

Eráldica Diseño , ERÁLDICA ERÁLDICA Moderne Wände & Böden

To give a magical touch to a room’s environment right combination of light and wall décor is needed for special effect. For enhancing the effect of golden leaves on the wall, a totally unique combination of wall decals and wall sconce has been done that is truly breathtaking.

Here are some more ideas to set up the right Wall art to spruce up your home.

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