10 beautiful one-storey homes you can choose from

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10 beautiful one-storey homes you can choose from

Dayan Buensuceso – homify Dayan Buensuceso – homify
Moderne Häuser von METODO33 Modern
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A bungalow is a one-storey house, cottage, or building. It can be wide or it can also occupy a small portion of one's lot. You can even choose if you'd like to have an ostentatious design or a simple one for the exterior. In terms of practicality, this type of home costs lesser but it looks as stunning or beautiful as other fancy mansions. If you're on the lookout for a one-storey house, check out these 10 versions that we've compiled!

1. Modern style

von homify Modern

Striking red tiles covering an all-white surface is apparently a chic combination that would wow your family and friends. This one features an open lanai in the back where you can bathe under the sun or enjoy a casual game of cards on a warm summer night. Since it's a clean and classy yet still modern theme, using white-padded wicker furnishings are perfect items.

2. Contemporary bricks

SouthEast façade Moderne Häuser von FG ARQUITECTES Modern

SouthEast façade


Gone are the days when you'd have to pile bricks to build a strictly gable-roofed home. This one brought together bricks, concrete, and glass to effect a cool suburban vibe and it quite frankly, blurs the difference between a commercial and a residential building. Note the busy lines and how they concentrated portions for the glass windows and doors. A closer look would also reveal how the architects chose metal shutters to secure the glass doors.

3. Mediterranean style

Inspired by the sun and seaside living in the Mediterranean, the house mixed natural and commercial materials to create a personality that has a penchant for both nature and modern living. We especially remain curious about this unconventional yet stylish roofing which is quite ideal for vacation houses.

4. Refined and futuristic

A cross between futuristic and sixties retro is traversed by this glassy bungalow. Instead of lining ceilings, lights dot the surrounding pavement with their soft glow. Imagine intimate gatherings inside this structure. Friends clicking their champagne glasses. In any case, you'd absolutely feel powerful and in this modern architecture.

5. Stone in the modern age

House in the Landscape Moderne Häuser von Kropka Studio Modern
Kropka Studio

House in the Landscape

Kropka Studio

Living in the farm need not be boring with this amazing house. Built with a standing seam-clad gable roof, the house also stuns with its walls composed of stacked and collected stones through wires. Architects from KROPKA STUDIO in Poland were behind this stone wonder.

6. Boxy and savvy

Modern and boxy best describe this facade that creates a clear difference between glass and concrete but still blend both elements so well. The house is composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The side is occupied by an equally sleek-looking garage that accommodates two cars.

7. Little white house

Rear view of the new single storey extension Moderne Häuser von ArchitectureLIVE Modern

Rear view of the new single storey extension


Dimensions give life to this exterior which sort of reminds you of opera house interiors and their smooth, inclined surfaces.  Apply the latter to residential facades and this quaint white house becomes your prototype. We're also loving the small table and chair set on the pavement which would be useful for early morning newspaper reading or coffee-drinking.

8. Dream house

Perhaps your dream house is one that combines modern style with the traditional like the geometric frame on this exterior plus its multi-valley roof. It also incorporates glass windows for easy natural light entry inside. But if staying indoors becomes dull, you also have the option of lounging by the framed small patio out front.

9. White house with a garden

Styling a hip roof design, this one-storey house perks up the white house by adding stone details on its wall and supporting porch columns. Using stone is a nice transition to the verdant landscape around the house. The tall glass windows and doors also conveniently allow you to appreciate the garden from the inside.

10. Glass box delight

Moderne Häuser von METODO33 Modern

Here's an alternative to the futuristic house shown earlier. It utilizes wooden beams to accentuate the roof and intersect a white, concrete long side beam that meets a small grilling area on the side. This expansive lawn also provides the best space for barbecues and parties! If you're epicurean, this house would be a perfect venue to delight guests.

On another note, see also these 5 small wooden houses with plans you can copy!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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