20 pictures of spiral staircases for small houses

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For small spaces, the best way to include a ladder is by incorporating a spiral staircase. Although you might think that there are not many designs available for such staircases but the truth is completely opposite. You can use almost any sort of material in building these staircases which in turn make them the perfect option.

To show you how different spiral staircases can add an amazing touch to your home here are 12 designs that we have put together.

1. Artistic railings

One of the simplest ways to transform your spiral staircase is by adding an artistic railing. The designer of this ladder has used geometrical figures to highlight the entire staircase and make it look modern.

2. Wooden staircase

Escaleras de caracol, RINTAL RINTAL Treppe Massivholz Holznachbildung Treppen

One of the best designs of all time includes this formal wooden staircase. By constructing a dark colour spiral staircase you will be able to turn it into the focal point of the room and yet achieve a regal look.

3. Floating staircase

If you're looking for a unique design then adding similar looking floating staircase is also advised. This staircase slowly advances into a spiral form which gives it a unique effect.

4. Dual tone staircase

Escaleras de caracol, RINTAL RINTAL Treppe Massivholz Holznachbildung Treppen

Another great way to transform your spiral staircase is by using dual tone materials. By adding a darker and lighter colour together you will be able to achieve a chic look.

5. Metallic staircase

Escaleras de caracol, RINTAL RINTAL Treppe Metall Metallic/Silber Treppen

If you are looking for a heavy duty staircase then using metal as the construction material is highly recommended. These staircases can also be painted in different colours to match the decor of the room.

6. Sunken staircase

Spiralweinkeller, JMF JMF Klassische Weinkeller

For those of you who have undergrounds in their home creating a similar looking sunken staircase is worth a shot. The designer for this staircase has used natural materials like wood and has given it a feel of a cave.

7. Marble staircase

Another great material that you can use while creating your spiral staircase is marble. You can also use different colour marble slabs to highlight the staircase platforms.

8. Iron staircase

Escaleras para exteriores de Zinc, RINTAL RINTAL Treppe Metall Metallic/Silber Treppen

If you are looking for an outdoor staircase then using similar looking iron spiral ladder is a great option. These staircases are not only structurally strong but are also long-lasting.

9. Corner staircase

One of the best places to build your spiral staircase is usually in the corners of the room. By doing so you will be able to use as little as the space possible without disturbing the entire floor plan.

10. Metal polls

To add an extra layer of structural support to your staircase using thick metal poles like these is a must. These polls run all the way through the length of the staircase making them stable.

11. Enclosed staircase

Another great design for your spiral staircase is a similar looking in enclosed layout. This type of design can be created in any part of the room by building a high-rise wall next to the staircase.

12. Customised railings


To add a touch of glamour to your spiral staircase customizing your railings can be an excellent idea. These railings can be made out of almost any material and can hold any design that you may like.

13. Designer staircase

CDW Designworks Merdiveni, Konu Merdiven Konu Merdiven Treppe Treppen

Designer staircases like these are very easy to create. By using locally available materials you can transform them into railings and steps without much hassle and make your staircase look amazing.

14. Staircase backgrounds

Escalera helicoidal de madera, Enesca Enesca Treppe Treppen

If you are looking to beautify your spiral staircase then adding creative or artistic backgrounds is also something that you can try. The use of wallpaper like shown in this picture is also a great way to transform the entire corner.

15. Glass staircase

homify Treppe Treppen

If you're looking for a material that does not obstruct your view than using glass in your spiral staircase is a very good choice. By using glass as steps you will be able to see through the entire space and will also have ample light flow in the area.

16. Wooden blocks

Wendeltreppe homify

For those who love natural looking staircases using big blocks of wood is another way to create your ladder. These blocks are not only durable but they also look rustic making the entire place look fabulous.

17. Library staircase

If you have a floor to ceiling library in your home then incorporating this type of ladder can be the best way to assess all the shelves. The platforms of this ladder can be made out of the shelving material so that they blend nicely into the decor.

18. Wall mounted staircase

If you're not looking to add heavy railings to your staircase then using a similar looking wall mounted design might be the right choice for you. The steps or planks in this design are directly secured into the wall making them use less additional support.

19. light fixtures

One of the simplest ways to make your spiral staircase look attractive is by adding great light fixtures. By placing LED lights like these you will be able to highlight each step of the ladder in low light corners.

20. Hanging staircase

If you want your spiral staircase to have an effect like it is hanging from a ceiling then this design is perfect for you. The use of dark colour wooden planks that are suspended from the thick metal wires make it look surreal.

For more ideas on staircases visit our ideabooks

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