Affordable housing styles for everyone

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Affordable housing styles for everyone

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
von compaxtus
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Housing in the real estate market is constantly evolving to cater to the needs of all types of families. The number of household members, their location and the purchasing power of individuals are all crucial factors for entrepreneurs and design professionals in order for them to analyse current home trends and create new, suitable projects.

Houses are divided into a variety of different types, such as the single or multiple-family home, average vertically or horizontally oriented buildings, condominiums, townhouses and even commercial buildings. Naturally, each style has different benefits and lifestyle requirements which influence the type of resident that will be attracted to it. Townhouses, for example, might be suitable for first-time owners who aren't ready for the full responsibility of setting aside costs for repairs, while a single-family house is great for those who already have homeowner experience and need the space for a growing family.

Today, we here at homify offer you a variety of home styles and their prices so that you can have a better idea of the housing market. Each home is appraised by the project owners themselves and each project gives you the opportunity to adopt the design to remodel your current home or give you ideas on what you need for your next.

Happy house-hunting!

1. The compact square

von compaxtus

Our first home is compact with an averge of 41 square metres. It was designed and furnished with simplicity and privacy in mind, which is evident from the four-sided concrete wall. To add beauty and comfort to the building, the doors and windows were decorated with clear glass that can be opened and closed to let in fresh air and light into the interior.

The appraised value is at around 107,000 MYR, complemented by living quarters such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and relaxation zones. It is an ideal choice for residents who want simplicity, modernity and compact and economical living.

2. With a garage

Here's another compact, single-storey house that was built and beautifully decorated with reinforced concrete and wooden construction materials. The colour of the exterior places a strong focus on soft beige and yellow hues that relax and soothe onlookers, but the distinctive feature of this home is its covered garage port characterised by modernity. The design keeps the façade feeling open and inviting, as it also connects to the small raised patio. The gravel driveway matches perfectly with the surrounding greenery.

The house is priced at 152,000 MYR and is ready and willing to house a budding family.

3. Two connecting buildings

A two-storey house with an area of 300 square metres was built and designed with a modern twist in mind. This home connects two identical housing structures by way of an innovative landing. This increases the living space and let's you either rent out one side or keep it for your large family. With the reasonable price of 317,000 MYR, this could be the home that generations after you can enjoy.

4. Single-storey modern

This single-storey house is characterized by its geometric design of linear angles and rectangles. It focuses on the use of precast concrete or prefabricated panels for its structure and uses a wide variety of colours such as light green and natural brown that add warmth and create an intriguing atmosphere. The home also offers a small wooden pavilion and a garage.

The appraised value is 190,000 MYR million baht, including the cost of materials and labor The one-story house of this size is fully proportioned to fully meet the needs of a small family.

5. A more sophisticated façade

Our next home is a two-storey design with 182 square metres. Both interior and exterior have a range of white, cream and grey tones for a sophisticated ambience. For added interest, different materials with varying textures were used. The interior is fully equipped with three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room and a two-car garage. This beautiful and ready-to-inhabit home is available for 342,000 MYR.

6. Ranch style

This gorgeous, rectangular ranch stretches over 120 square metres. Concrete, brick and wood were used to create a welcoming, stable and durable structure that welcomes us to come inside and explore more. The colour scheme is the classic wood and white, which gives us a fresh, clean feeling. 

The appraisal value of this one-storey house is 127,000 MYR and is great for a small family or a young couple.

7. Two-storey compact

As we get higher in square metres, we go up in style. This two-storey home has 200 square metres of country style in a unique and irregular shape. Distinctive warm tones, such as light pink, give us the feeling of a comfortable and practical interior. Stone and ceramic tiles create a strong and stylish façade and the ground level has been neatly organized to create and complement other living areas, even the garage and storage spaces.

The price of this house is 317,000 MYR and solves the space problem for larger families and people looking to rent rooms.

8. Calming

Here, we have a home with 123 square metres of space. It comes complete with an open plan living, kitchen and dining space, as well as three bedrooms, three bathrooms and one garage. The decoration of the exterior emphasizes simplicity and modernity by using distinctive warm colours from building materials such as wood as well as the surrounding environment. The house price is estimated at 156,000 MYR.

9. Unadorned

This super simple housing concept covers an area of 120 square metres and uses its unadorned nature to impart a simple lifestyle. The building focuses on a light and airy interior which we get from the plentiful windows and glass doors. The front of the building is open and full of concrete elements, which can be complemented by the addition of outdoor plants. The appraisal value for this one-story house is 127,000 MYR.

10. Levels

Our last home really takes the cake as far as space and style. Coming in at 300 square metres, this two-storey detached house is tasteful and elegant. It focuses on both interior and exterior design in a modern style, evident from the geometric style. For construction materials, prefabricated concrete is the main character that can be painted or tinted to suit the home.

This house has an appraised price of 1.2 million ringgits and includes all materials, labor and design.

If you liked this piece, you might also be interested in viewing this list of five modern houses with their floor plans. They could help inspire you to redo yours.

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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