10 fabulous one-story home designs

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10 fabulous one-story home designs

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Single family house in Begues Moderne Häuser von FG ARQUITECTES Modern
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There might have been a time when one-story homes were a little less awesome, but these days, they are funky, cool and so well-designed that we think everyone should give a little more thought to ditching the stairs and enjoying life on one-level. The architects of the world must have gotten together at some point and made a pact to change the perception of one-story homes, as the fuddy-duddy bungalows of the past have been consigned to the archives and modern incarnations are stepping forward to blow our minds! Don't believe us? Just take a look at these terrific properties and get ready to retract your doubt!

1. Bare brick and boxy.

SouthEast façade Moderne Häuser von FG ARQUITECTES Modern

SouthEast façade


Talk about a cool way to give a one-story home some distinctive style! Not applying any render to the outside has made for an industrial finish that also feels welcoming!

2. Modern and crisp.

von homify Modern

How striking is this one-story home? The white structure, topped with a red roof really grabs your attention and looks modern, fresh and so much prettier than normal bungalows!

3. Mediterranean flair!

Don't you love the way this home interacts with the garden, thanks to a handy terrace cover? The internal ceiling height looks as though it will be gargantuan as well, which is an added bonus!

4. Totally transparent.

We dare you to try and claim that this one-story home is boring or only designed for elderly people! Super contemporary and amazingly stylish, if this is the future of living on one level, we're in!

5. Traditional, but not!

House in the Landscape Moderne Häuser von Kropka Studio Modern
Kropka Studio

House in the Landscape

Kropka Studio

Traditional farmhouses are often laid out over one level but this one has added some serious style into the mix! Gabion walls really make for an unusual facade that could never be thought of as boring or old fashioned!

6. With the appearance of multiple levels.

The blocky design of this one-story home is a challenge, as it creates certain multi-level expectations, but then the interior is totally at odds with them! Imagine having ceiling heights that are cathedral-like in their proportions as well! Woah!

7. Small but stylish.

Rear view of the new single storey extension Moderne Häuser von ArchitectureLIVE Modern

Rear view of the new single storey extension


Amazing! Despite the neighboring properties having a traditional aesthetic, this pretty white one-story home is absolutely perfectly placed! The sage green door frames add so much softness and charm and those angular walls! Wow!

8. Fit for any family.

The concrete structures of this home is what makes it so special. Almost sculptural in style, concrete has been used to create unique shapes and intricate cut-outs that offer a very modern dialogue in terms of bungalow design! That car port as well! Yes please!

9. Monochrome masterpiece.

When you want to make a one-storey home a little more classic and stylish, monochrome facade touches are hard to beat. The roof tiles here look great against the white render and add in some stone cladding and you have a truly gorgeous home, regardless of the number of floors. 

10. Unapologetically contemporary.

Moderne Häuser von METODO33 Modern

There is so much going on here! A flat roof really emphasizes that lack of more than one floor in this property and keeping the entire building white offers a sneak peek into how contemporary the interior must be as well. Why were any of us less impressed by one-story homes in the past? They're amazing!

For some more home style inspiration, take a look at this article: 7 incredible detached houses to inspire you to build one!

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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