The modern timber chalet perfect for a family

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The modern timber chalet perfect for a family

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 Häuser von Tangentes Architectes, Modern
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What is it about chalet homes that makes them so appealing? We think it's the way that they offer those holiday home aesthetics all year round. And the architect in charge of creating this beautiful property certainly tapped into that vibe! 

Offering the best of modern architecture and traditional good looks, this chalet is the ideal family home that must feel as good to live in as it looks! If a wooden home has been at the top of your wish list for a while, prepare to find yourself in natural home heaven as we take a look around!

A truly fabulous façade.

You can see what we meant about this being a wooden dream home now, can't you? The overarching aesthetic is so traditional and cabin-esque, but the contemporary touches really bring it into the modern era. Contrasting cladding on the integrated garage, slim metal balcony security and a deep connection to the garden are all making this a home that we HAVE to know more about!

A modern twist.

A traditional chalet would have enjoyed chunky wooden supports absolutely everywhere, but we are seriously in love with how a little modern flair has been added to this home, in the form of skinny metal elements. Eye-catching but delicate, they offer a wonderful colour contrast to the natural wood and help to create graceful lines and embellishments. Beautiful!

Cohesive architecture.

Even on the inside, this chalet offers up perfect blending, with a wood and metal staircase eloquently mirroring the external design features. Set against crisp white walls, we really feel as though we are taking a tour around an Alpine ski lodge, which is no bad thing at all!

Delightful transitions.

We always love to see modern homes that have accounted for an easy and seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces and with a stunning terrace in place here, the task is complete. Can't you just picture enjoying countless alfresco meals here? As the house cladding ages, everything will really blend together too. 

Added privacy.

These slatted wooden screens are a wonderful touch that adds a little Asian styling back into the property. The individual panels slide, to form an enclosed terrace when you want a little more privacy, but for gloriously sunny days, they open right up and create a fantastic dialogue between the house and the garden!

For more wood inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 wooden decks you'll want for your home.

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