Window designs for your home

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Window designs for your home

Betti Hunter – homify Betti Hunter – homify
Moderne Häuser von PJV Arquitetura Modern
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If you're bored with the way your house looks, rest assured that you are not alone. So many people look at the exterior of their home and see a permanent, unchangeable face. Sure, you can paint it, but what else?

Well, updating your windows is a good place to start. Changing the design of your frames might sound like hard work, but it's actually a relatively quick and inexpensive way to jazz up your home. You'll need to consult a professional, for sure, but as far as home improvements go, this one is more low-key than you would imagine.

All you need to do is choose the shape and style you want to go for. This is the fun part, so don't limit yourself and make sure you explore all of the options that are on offer. We have 12 of them right here for you to peruse, so choose your favourite and get started!

1. Colonial style

Koloniale Häuser von homify Kolonial

This Mediterranean style home features colonial windows as part of its design. The hallmarks are a curved shape and a wooden frame, with shutters to protect against the elements.

2. Mixed up proportions

Mix it up a little! This house has glass windows and doors that stretch from floor to ceiling, sliding doors with metal frames, and narrow windows edged with concrete. It's a very modern design that breaks all the rules, and looks all the better for it.

3. Corner glass

This glass corner window is embedded into the thickness of the wall, and the design is highlighted its design by the planter that surrounds it on the facade – very modern.

4. Half glass, half shutter

This interesting window is made from stained glass, but one half is covered by white wooden shutters. Its dimensions form rectangles with excellent proportions on the facade of this modern house.

5. Embedded in the wall

The textured facade of this house makes the wall look so thick that the window appears embedded within it. The rusticity of the coating contrasts nicely with the modern glass window and its black metallic frame.

6. Vertical blinds

Landhäuser von Mutabile Landhaus

The windows of this tropical house have been designed to include inbuilt vertical blinds to ensure that the temperature inside is consistently regulated.

7. The inside of an exterior frame

The thick wooden windowsill stretches out and fuses with the garden by becoming one with the pergola. This adds a sense of connectivity and coherence to the home. .

8. Rectangular and square

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

The windows of this modern facade are square and rectangular. The different shapes match up with each other on both the ground and first floor. We love the huge rectangular window that lets us see into the stairwell – you'll want a big fence to make sure that neighbours don't peep in, though!

9. The sliding doors

With partially sliding windows between the stone cladded wall panels, this façade opens almost completely to the outside. 

10. Wooden divisions

The contemporary design of these wooden window frames are perhaps the easiest to replicate. Just remember to outline them with a contrasting colour to add definition.

11. Large arched windows

These large arched windows allow light and natural ventilation to enter the interior of the house, and are totally luxurious. 

12. Simple white frames

These plain white windows bring an element of simplicity to this otherwise detailed stone facade.

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VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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