Cleaning rules that will change your life!

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Cleaning rules that will change your life!

Will Sayner Will Sayner
 Badezimmer von Ben Herzog Architect, Klassisch
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 Cleaning is not a pleasant job; especially if you have to clean the whole house in one go. If only there were a few little tricks we could use to stop the place from becoming so untidy in the first place. Well, don’t hire a cleaner yet, as we’ve got you covered! 

  Everybody has their own rules and tricks when it comes to tidying and cleaning, but we’re sure that these five cleaning tricks will save lots of time and effort in the long run, and they only take a few minutes per day! Let’s get started…

1. Never leave a room without putting things away

 We all need some time relaxing on the sofa occasionally, but when you get up from the couch it’s a good idea to look around the living room and check for anything that might need tidying away. Take it with you when you leave the room and put it where it belongs. If you do this every time you leave a room, then you're taking steps every day to ensure a clutter-free home!

​2. Put clothes back in the closet before you take out other apparel

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 It’s all too easy to frantically tear apart the wardrobe in search of that particular item of clothing when you’re in a hurry; leaving clothes strewn all over the place that you’ll have to tidy up later. Get in the habit of putting clothes back in the closet before you take out other items and stop your bedroom becoming cluttered with clothes.

​3. Always hang up your coat and bag when you come home

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 It’s very tempting when you arrive home to drop your stuff right away, and slump down on the couch for a moment of rest after a long day. However, your life will be a little easier if you immediately hang up your coat and bag once you're inside. The same goes for your keys, wallet and anything else that needs putting away in its correct place, as it will undoubtedly make your life easier when you need to leave again the next morning.

​4. Wipe down the sink before bedtime

 Badezimmer von Ben Herzog Architect, Klassisch
Ben Herzog Architect

Greenwood Heights Townhouse

Ben Herzog Architect

 Don’t wait until the dirt has built up on the sink; making it look unpleasant and in need of cleaning. Instead keep it nice and clean by wiping it with a cloth and a little antibacterial spray every night. It takes seconds, and it can easily be incorporated into your routine by doing it when you brush your teeth.

​5. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight

 Get in the habit of loading the dishwasher before bed. Often it seems as if there’s no harm in leaving it until the next day, but without routine it’s easy for a kitchen to deteriorate into mess. Besides, no one wants to start their day having to clean up the kitchen, right?

 Speaking of kitchen cleaning, we have some great tips for ensuring your kitchen equipment is spotless.

 Translated from an article by Mandy Koster.

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