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24 of the best British home entrances (Part 2)

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Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire Fenster & Türen im Landhausstil von Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Landhaus
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We've said it before and we'll say it again; your home entrance needs to make a great first impression! Regardless of who is stood on your doorstep, don't you want them to naturally assume that your home has been decorated to a phenomenally high standard that any interior designer would be proud of? We know we do and your front garden can only do so much! You need to be thinking about your front door, lighting, porch and general façade, but if you don't have any reference points, let us help you with that! We've found another 12 amazing home entrances that are so cohesive with the style of the properties they are connected to, that we think you'll fall in love with at least one of these and want to recreate it, so let's take a look!

1. Curves ahead!

Linkside : Outsized Culmax Oriel Bay Windows Moderne Fenster & Türen von Maxlight Modern

Linkside : Outsized Culmax Oriel Bay Windows


Just wow. What else can we possibly say? The oversized entrance here, perfectly lit, really was the only option for such a striking and curved home!

2. Pretty as a picture.

Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire Fenster & Türen im Landhausstil von Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Landhaus
Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Old School Croft, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenhire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

When your home is simple and pretty in its own right, your entrance should definitely follow suit! Don't try to get too complicated with things, so maybe just consider a colourful front door, like this beautiful rustic cottage! The potted plants are just enough in terms of accessories as well!

3. Youuuu rannnng?

Sorry, but we can't help imagining Lurch from the Addams Family answering this massive and really impressive door! The shaped concrete detailing adds such majestic motifs here and we love the sombre seriousness of the styling!

4. Pop of colour!

Outdoor illuminated doorframe Moderne Fenster & Türen von Applelec Modern

Outdoor illuminated doorframe


A modern home needs a contemporary entrance and this one is perfect! A little pop of bright colour against natural wood looks so pretty and ensures the postman can't miss it on their run!

5. Eclectic excitement.

La Falaise Rustikale Häuser von CCD Architects Rustikal
CCD Architects

La Falaise

CCD Architects

With bustling flower borders and a bright front door, this tranquil rural cottage has such draw and appeal. We want to knock on that door to find out more about the person that chose that shade of yellow and to have a nose around their home! What gravitas!

6. Period detailing.

Style and Substance Moderne Häuser von Studio Hopwood Modern
Studio Hopwood

Style and Substance

Studio Hopwood

The front door here is magnificent, but it's the extra touches of a restored porch, pendulum lantern light and symmetrical tress that have made this entrance so beautiful. There is such a sense of history and authoritative style here that we are in love!

7. Plenty of ceremony.

Veddw Farm, Monmouthshire Landhäuser von Hall + Bednarczyk Architects Landhaus
Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

Veddw Farm, Monmouthshire

Hall + Bednarczyk Architects

By having the entrance itself at the end of a gorgeous garden, there is a real sense of ceremony attached to finally getting to the house, which showcases natural stone to perfection, by the way! The landscaped area here, essentially, becomes part of the impressive entrance!

8. Engulfed by nature.

Old post office created into a luxury living space Landhäuser von A1 Lofts and Extensions Landhaus
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Old post office created into a luxury living space

A1 Lofts and Extensions

How darling is this house? With luscious greenery surrounding the entrance and contrasting with the white walls so well, it makes such a standout impression. Matching topiaries are doing a lot as well!

9. Stately proportions.

Suburban villa: View Road, Highgate Moderne Häuser von Wolff Architects Modern
Wolff Architects

Suburban villa: View Road, Highgate

Wolff Architects

When your home looks like this, you BETTER have a stately entrance! A huge monolithic concrete door surround, tall topiaries, piquant lighting and marble steps really are just the ticket!

10. Deceptively plain.

Front facade and entrance Moderne Häuser von The Chase Architecture Modern
The Chase Architecture

Front facade and entrance

The Chase Architecture

At first glance, you might wonder what's so special about this entrance and we're going to tell you! It's because it's slap bang in the centre of London! Industrial, sleek and unfussy, you'd never expect such an entrance, to a residential home, in a built-up city.

11. Wood and stone.

Residential Development, West Yorkshire Ausgefallene Häuser von Wildblood Macdonald Ausgefallen
Wildblood Macdonald

Residential Development, West Yorkshire

Wildblood Macdonald

You know what really contributes to this entrance looking so chic? It's the driveway! All bricks lead towards the door, which is encased in stunning rustic stone, and it has such a 'come on in' look to it!

12. A long lead up!

Luxury Detached Residence Moderne Häuser von homify Modern Ziegel

Luxury Detached Residence


Speaking of driveways, this one is hard to beat as it leads to a stunning entrance that is flanked by heritage columns. uplighters and a house that could be a palace! Wow!

If you missed part one, check it out here: 24 of the best British home entrances (Part 1).

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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