Open plan kitchen and living room ideas

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Open plan kitchen and living room ideas

Leigh Leigh
:  Küche von homify,Modern
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When it comes to interior designs that are popular in today's homes, open plan is the way to go. In fact, it is very rare that you find a kitchen in a closed atmosphere, blocked off from the rest of the living space. Key to an interactive and social home is a coexistence between living areas. Your family and friends will feel at home no matter what room they are in!

This is why it's a wonderful ideal to integrate the kitchen with the living room and dining room. Your kitchen should feature adequate seating so that you family and friends can chat to the chef while he or she whips up a storm. The dining room and living rooms should be close enough so that everyone can be together, even when in different parts of the living areas.

Scroll down to find 13 ways to integrate the kitchen with the living spaces for inspiration!

1. A comfortable but very effective division

:  Wohnzimmer von homify,Modern

This design shows how you can include seats in the kitchen by incorporating a breakfast bar in the design. This will subtly separate the cooking area from the rest of the home, without blocking it off entirely.

2. Beautiful, natural and comfortable seats thanks to wicker

Don't be afraid to install a table and multiple seats in your kitchen, as long as the colours and textures work in harmony with your kitchen decor. They should also fit snugly, without taking up too much space.

In this example, we can see how the light wicker furniture is functional and comfortable, without overwhelming the space.

3. A classic masterpiece

:  Küche von homify,

This this third design, we can see how classic seating can add a sense of newness to your kitchen as well as a lot of personality. 

Breakfast will be a very lavish affair!

4. Seating for all visitors

One of the most convenient reasons for having seats close to the kitchen is that your visitors will have a comfortable place to rest while they chat to you. You'll love being in the kitchen!

5. Separated by a glass screen

If you are still not convinced about an integrated environment, why not split them with glass? The transparency will achieve that open plan flow, while the areas will still remain separate.

6. Black and white elgance

When you have the luxury of spaciousness, why not install a kitchen island or bar where you can enjoy more casual meals?

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for inspiration.

7. Sophistication with a Bohemian elegance

:  Küche von homify,

So far we have presented with modern examples of kitchens. Why not go for a unique and eclectic design though?

In this design by interior architects Aykuthall, we can see how walls and decor accessories can be used to bring a unique and stylish look and feel.

8. It's all in the addition

Sometimes the kitchen doesn't need to be modified, it just needs a few extra seats. A bar with some comfortable chairs can go a long way!

9. Everything in straight lines

Creativity and style can come in all sorts of forms. Why not opt for curves? Curves are a great way to integrate spaces while creating boundaries.

10. A full and elegant dining room

One of the simplest ways to incorporate spaces is to opt for a full dining room, which extends out from the kitchen. If you choose an elegant design like this one, your guests will never want to leave!

11. A chair and a bench

If you think including too many chairs in your kitchen will make the spaces too crowded, try a bench instead. Insert it against the wall for a sleek fit!

12. If you already have the table and chairs, just move it to the kitchen

​kitchen extension dulwich with flat roof and open brickwork:  Küche von homify,Modern

​kitchen extension dulwich with flat roof and open brickwork


If you've analysed your home and realised that you already have all of the furniture that you need, simply move it around!

13. Invest in a couple of extra seats

:  Küche von homify,Minimalistisch

If you don't have the right furniture in your home, then this is the perfect excuse to do some shopping. Add a few trendy seats to your kitchen for a functional design.

Have a look at these simple tips for tackling kitchen furniture.

Also have a look at this article: Be the first to know the 2017 kitchen must-haves!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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