16 stylish ways to decorate the niche of the wall

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The architectural style has evolved a lot over the period. But one thing that has still been retained and often repeated in modern architecture is the niche carved into the wall. Earlier it was usually a semicircular arc style niche to keep statues, religious pictures and lamps. With time it has become a decoration piece on the wall, though it still serves the purpose to exhibit the artifacts and holiday pictures.

We know that pictures explain better than words. So let’s have a look at the 16 pictures of beautiful walls adorned by niches and get inspired.

​1. Below the window pane

If you can accommodate, the niche below the window pane can be used to beautify the space which otherwise would have gone waste. It’s a simple decoration here with clean white pebbles.

​2. Clean and clear

It’s sensible to make the separation wall useful too. The clean cut of the niches resembles the one from the bygone era but it looks cool and modern.

​3. In harmony with the wall

A niche adds glamour to the room. It is quite functional too; providing a beautiful storage space right in the middle of the wall.

​4. Just like that

Not everything in the home is to be done for some use or purpose. A niche created just like that to add to the beauty of the room will look elegant and classy.

​5. If we could turn back time

This one looks like numerous niches we have seen in palaces or havelis. Isn’t it?

​6. Breaking the monotony

A niche on the long corridors or plain walls is a great idea. It breaks the monotony of the wall. Decorate it with natural materials or green plants, it’s up to you.

​7. Transparency in opaque wall

 This is a great idea to bring in the sunlight for your small indoor garden.

​8. A beautiful fireplace


A warm fireplace created in the niche of the wall looks beautiful and stylishly modern.

​9. A space for flower pots

Plants in the home spread freshness. Place pots on the niche and feel the fresh energy in the day and watch the mysterious shadows in the evening.

​10. A piece of furniture

Casa Cocotera, TAFF TAFF Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

The wall between two pillars can be utilized to make a cabinet. Keep it close or leave it open according to the purpose it will meet.

​11. Restoring the old concept

The natural stone walls and a beautiful niche created to display an amazing art piece; it is the ideal use of the niche.

​12. The natural niche

Espacea, ESPACEA ESPACEA Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

It is quite natural to take the advantage of openings and convert it into beautiful shelves to show off your amazing collections of artifacts or books.

​13. Liven up a corner

If there is a simple wall to separate a space, make it alive with a false wall and your creativity. 

​14. Behind the TV

A perfect stone wall with a clean niche on it, it grabs all the attention.

15. Niches in the cabinets

A clear cut niches on a wall to wall cabinet is a smart way to create the space for exhibits in limited space.

​16. Unexpectedly beautiful

Even a small unused space could be turned into an unexpectedly beautiful place with thoughtful decoration. Take an inspiration from here and start looking for a similar space in your home.

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