Wood fills every room of this down-to-Earth home

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Wood fills every room of this down-to-Earth home

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
 Häuser von shu建築設計事務所, Asiatisch
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These Japanese architects showcase the beauty of red cedar this inspiring natural design. Both inside and out, this home is defined by a sense of simplicity and well-being, cultivating a space with strong notions of moderation and balance. Design and constructed largely by local carpenters and craftsmen in Kameyama, this design is an example of a down-to-Earth design that prizes quality of health, connection with nature, and a meaningful relationship with the local community.


The L-shape of the home creates a partially sheltered yard, where a few gardening boxes sit ready for planting season. Adopting a low-profile presence, the home is defined by a horizontal shape and sloping roof that presses gently towards the Earth, with red cedar cladding wrapping warmly around the structure. An atmosphere of diversity is manifested in the landscaping, which includes a variety of shrubs, bushes, leafy plants, and saplings, with a mixture of rocky and grassy terrain.

​Simple wooden patio

The yard can be enjoyed from wide patio steps, with glazed windows offering viewing opportunities from inside. Free from railings, this simple and understated patio design is an example of the carefree, less-is-more attitude instilled in every room of this down-to-Earth home.

​Connection to the outdoors

The patio doors slide aside for a seamless connection between the garden, patio, windowside dining area, and family room beyond.

​Inner warmth

While the exterior of the home remains somewhat cool and grounded in appearance, the interior of the home radiates warmth. Wooden planks cover most surfaces, and to finish off the look, the dining room furniture has been made from wood as well. Never ostentatious, this open common area offers few frills, instead focusing on qualities of openness, simplicity, and conviviality. Sliding panels are a typical feature in many Japanese design; the white translucent panels in this home allow for the easy creation of semi-private spaces with a compact space.

​Traditional Japanese room

Honoring tradition, the architects have included a typical Japanese room that can be seprated from the other spaces with sliding white panels (above the bookcase as well, the window to the kitchen can be obscured by a smaller set of sliding panels). 

​Traditional Japanese room

Devoid of clutter and distraction, this space has room for modernity—with the addition of a TV and speakers—but still keeps tradition at the forefront through the typical padded floors and minimalist, nature-inspired atmosphere.


Linear and compact, this wooden kitchen fits multiple functional elements into a small space. By opening up the kitchen to the living room, the narrow dimensions of the kitchen pose less of a problem, and ample cabinets and drawers take advantage of available space to create efficient storage.


Warmth and comfort seeps into this simple bedroom design, with golden lighting mixing with the rich oranges and tans of the cedar ceiling.


Even the bathroom receives a beautiful wooden treatment, a mixture of wooden trim, paneling, and beams creating visual interest in their intersections throughout the room.

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