20 ways to create a well-organised bathroom

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20 ways to create a well-organised bathroom

Leigh Leigh
 Badezimmer von Penguin Environmental Design L.L.C., Asiatisch
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The bathroom is the one place in the home that we want to keep clean and in order, which is why it's so important to have a dedicated space to store towels, toilet paper, make-up, lotions and other accessories that you use everyday in the bathroom.

The other option is to make the absolute most of space. In fact, there are so many smart and savvy ways to utilize every square inch of your bathroom.

This is why today at homify, we have put together 20 ideas from top bathroom professionals that will inspire you. You can adapt any of these solutions to your own home!

1. With a built-in laundry

Einbauschrank im Badezimmer:  Badezimmer von Elfa Deutschland GmbH,Modern Holz Holznachbildung
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Einbauschrank im Badezimmer

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

In a closet, in the bathroom, integrate a whole laundry area that can stay neatly out of sight when not in use.

2. A couple of wall extensions

Extend the walls in your bathroom to create little compartments for storage like these designers have done.

3. A simple staircase

Danhaus SCHÖNHAGEN:  Badezimmer von Danhaus GmbH,Modern
Danhaus GmbH


Danhaus GmbH

Here we come across a very simple and minimalist bathroom, with a simple ladder that has been recycled for shelves.

4. Leveraging corners

 Badezimmer von Grand Design London Ltd, Klassisch
Grand Design London Ltd

The Broadway, SW19 – Extension & Bathroom Renovation

Grand Design London Ltd

A small corner can be turned into a mini-closet in the bathroom. Don't waste a square inch!

5. Drawers under the sink

Under the sink, opt for drawers, cabinets or shelves. Here you can store towels, paper, bathrobes and other bathroom products.

6. More drawers

In this design, we can really see how wonderful drawers can be in a modern bathroom, keeping everything neat and organized.

7. Just outside the bathroom

If you have a closet right next to the bathroom, use it!

8. With madera drawers

Mehr Ordnung im Bad:  Badezimmer von Elfa Deutschland GmbH,Modern
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Mehr Ordnung im Bad

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

The experts of Elfa Deutschland GmbH bring us another solution of cabinets with sliding wooden doors. This is a modern and minimalist design.

9. Another way to utilise corners

Mehr Ordnung im Bad:  Badezimmer von Elfa Deutschland GmbH,Modern
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Mehr Ordnung im Bad

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

This is another bathroom solution, where we see how can a storage space can be created regardless of the irregularity of the structure.

10. Drawers with separations

Inside the bathroom, you can have drawers with separators to keep small objects or jewelry in order.

11. With a minimalist touch

:  Badezimmer von homify,Modern

The mirrors that you have above the sinks can serve as a cover for cabinets, where you can store all kinds of objects.

12. Unique opening systems

Another option that makes the bathroom look wonderful are swing gates, which make it easy to access objects inside them.

13. Between the mirrors

Once again, we can see how well the vertical space has been utilised. In this design, glass shelves have been placed between the two cabinets for easy access.

14. With a simple touch

The cabinets and drawers aren't simply functional, they can add a stylish touch to the bathroom too!

15. Combining solutions

Inside one of the spaces of the storage drawers, you can leave an opening for a wicker basket like we see here. This gives a unique touch to storage solutions.

16. Total simplicity

CO2 Collection aus Teakholz: modern  von SPA Ambiente,Modern
SPA Ambiente

CO2 Collection aus Teakholz

SPA Ambiente

A minimalist wooden cabinet can be all that is needed to keep the bathroom in perfect order and look wonderful.

17. All in wood

 Badezimmer von PATH Architecture, Modern
PATH Architecture

Laurelhurst Carriage House

PATH Architecture

The integration of the closet with the wall and the bathroom floor make for a beautiful and harmonious flow.

18. Total classic

A small cabinet with a classic-style washbasin is all that you need to make a bathroom look orderly and fantastic.

19. Cleaning all at the same time

The cabinets inside the bathroom can hold all of your cleaning materials too, allowing you to wipe the counters or clean this space when ever you have a few spare seconds.

20. Rustic and minimalist

The option of having a small, rustic storage unit introduces charm and functionality into the bathroom.

Have a look at these tips: Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level: 6 Storage Ideas

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),Modern

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