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We've all dreamed of having a beautiful home somewhere in the middle of a lush forest, a quiet place where we can easily escape the noise and the bustle of the city. 

What if such a place was accessible to everyone, even those on a budget? A lot of people would be realizing their dream!

This is why today, we are going to take you to a house that features everything needed to make a dream come true. The small size of this property makes it possible to build it on a budget, including the fact that you need less construction material. Yet the house feels grand and spacious. 

Designed by architects Meta Architects, this home features plenty of living space and an atmosphere that is bright and open.

It sounds like the perfect house, right?

Well, follow us into this dream house in the woods and enjoy it for yourself!

Elegant and classic

From the outside, we can see how classic and elegant this house is. The light colour scheme suits this stylish property perfectly, allowing it to work in harmony with the landscape without compromising on class and style.

The glass walls that surround the home make for a very modern design, allowing plenty of natural light to flow into the home. Thus the interior is bathed in sunshine throughout the day!

On the ground floor, there is a living room with panoramic views of the garden as well as a kitchen. On the top floor, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

This is truly a house with all the trimmings!

Large window

From this perspective, we can see that the entire width of the facade is covered by a huge, glass window. As we've mentioned before, this allows sunshine to stream into the home.

Natural light also makes a house seem so much bigger. Light is a very important factor when designing a home.

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Plenty of extra space

If we admire the architectural plans of the house, we can see that the ground floor features a spot for a garage.

Next to the garage is a storage unit where equipment and other trinkets can be stored.

This house thus has a very practical design, which is great for couples or families. It allows them to live in an organized and tidy environment at all times. 

A house like this is quick to build because of how easy it can be to construct the skeleton of the home out of wood. The strong foundation also creates a great base to start with.

Space to live

To minimize the impact of the construction on nature, the designers decided to build a two-storey house. The vertical space has thus been utilized. 

The house is suitable for a family of three, but the architects had something up their sleeve! On the first floor is a bedroom with extra room for a baby!

This house was also insulated with mineral wall, ensuring that it is temperate and comfortable in all seasons.

What more could you need?

A dream come true

This project not only meets all of the modern requirements of modern housing, but it is a wonderfully functional and gorgeous design for the family.

This home is a place to relax and feel rejuvenated among nature, where rest can occur. This is also a great space for family members to spend quality time together. 

This house is a true architectural masterpiece because of its compactness, functionality and affordability. This is a house of dreams!

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